Haylou GT1 Plus TWS Wireless Earphones Review

Haylou GT1 Plus TWS Wireless Earphones Review

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I have been looking for high-quality Bluetooth headphones and have positioned the price at the level of $24.99, because I discovered that Bluetooth headphones at the price of $24.99 are in great demand from users. Of course, there are many Bluetooth headphones for sale at the same price. There are also many options, and today we have another completely new option, that is, this HAYLOU GT1 Plus in my hand. By name, we can understand that it is a product of HAYLOU GT1 tracking update. So what brings us? To update? And it is not worth starting, let’s take a look at this GT1 Plus today.

Compared to the GT1 of the previous generation, the packaging of the GT1 Plus has no change, but the difference is in the details. For example, the Qualcomm aptX logo and product model are printed on the left and right corners of the package. Let us know that this is the same. There are Bluetooth headphones that support aptX lossless coding, and at this price, there are very few Bluetooth headphones that support aptX decoding.

The cargo compartment of the GT1 Plus is very small. The oval shape and solid color coincide quite well with my aesthetic choices, but compared to the previous generation, it hasn’t changed. The same plastic material, the same matte treatment and the same delicate touch.

Of course, the cargo compartment of the GT1 Plus still uses the matching scheme of the Micro-USB socket of the previous generation and 310 mA, but the difference is that the update of the headphone chip this time has improved from 12 to 18 hours originals now, and Continuous use time has also increased from 3.5 hours to 5 hours now. From the point of view of use, it is not necessary to use the TYPE-C quick-charge plug, since the micro plug can meet the current demand for use.

Well, in fact, the appearance of the Haylou GT1 Plus really has nothing to say, because it is exactly the same as the GT1 of the previous generation, like the Apple 5 and 5. While the internal update, it retains the design and the final shell material, I like Invisible indicator design, since it is the most discreet, in addition, the headset shell still inherits the matte plastic material. Although it looks strong, it gives us a weight of 3.9 g. After that, I could barely feel the weight of the headphones, which greatly reduced the pressure on the ears caused by the weight of the headphones, which can be described by an “nothing light” idiom.

This time, the GT1 Plus lost the original polyester diaphragm and replaced it with a biological wool diaphragm. At the same time, it was equipped with a Qualcomm QCC3020 chip. Compared to the previous generation, not only the sound quality has been improved, but also the connection stability and interference protection. The performance has been significantly improved. With the promotion of aptX lossless coding and advanced ACC audio coding technology, we can better squeeze the performance of the headphones and listen to the details of each sound.

In terms of single-ear and double-ear switching experience, Haylou GT1 Plus gives me the best impression: TWS + dual-channel technology solves the tedious change between single and double ears, and makes a continuous change between the left ears / right / both. It does not interfere with each other, and the connection is fast, and in daily use, the change of single and double ears really realizes the simplicity of taking out and changing, putting on and changing.

Looking at the actual performance of sound quality, listening to specific music like “Ferry”, Scarborough Market Polo and popular music like “Free Stuff” and “Dance Monkey”, I think GT1 Plus has a good sense of layers. You can listen to every detail of the music performance. Because the headphone cavity is made of plastic, crisp metal music is worse than metal cavity headphones. In general, GT1 Plus It can be said that the performance in the middle, high and low is outstanding at the same price of the headphones.In addition, the tuning of the GT1 Plus in tone is a tuning direction that is biased towards the public.

A delay of one second can lead to a reversal of the game. A delay of one second can lose wonderful frames. The experienced GT1 Plus is good enough to control delays. Currently, conventional games and video software will not feel delays. HAYLOU GT1 Plus is also compatible with voice assistants from Xiaoai, Google and Apple. Compared to the GT1 Plus, a $24.9 9 headset that is only compatible with Apple Voice Assistant, is more worthy of choice.

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