Get started with Xiaomi Air 2 wireless Bluetooth headset

Get started with Xiaomi Air 2 wireless Bluetooth headset

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Speaking of wireless Bluetooth headsets, AirPods is definitely the general existence of iPhone 4 at that time. It was born, expensive but really fragrant. Product brands from various countries have also kept up, and this time we are talking about this Xiaomi Air 2 wireless Bluetooth headset is one of them. Different from the previous generation of Xiaomi Air wireless Bluetooth headset, the experienced Xiaomi Air 2 has further improved the structural design, interactive experience and sound quality. Let ’s take a look at these aspects to see if Xiaomi Air 2 can catch up Few minutes on AirPods.

I wo n’t talk about the packaging part, just look at the product. The elongated cylindrical charging box has high white color recognition. There is an indicator light on the front, the function buttons are placed on the right, and the charging interface is on the bottom. Compared to the cobblestone-like charging case of AirPods, the edge transition of Xiaomi Air 2 will be more distinct. The overall grip is not very good, and it feels a bit cut. The volume of the charging case is also larger than that of AirPods. Except for the advantage of being able to stand up, the others are not as good as AirPods.

Open the lid to see the main body of the headset. At first glance, it feels OK. The headset uses a half-in-ear design. The in-ear part is smooth and bright. The other parts are made of matte material like the charging box. If you only look at the in-ear part of the headset, the appearance is almost the same as AirPods. The main difference is that the front speaker openings are oval and round. If you add a headset handle for comparison, the exquisiteness of Xiaomi Air 2 is instantly pulled away. The feeling of the two headphones held in their hands, their headphone handle is like a contrast between a chopstick and a candle. Fortunately, the weight of the two is almost the same, and it feels no different when worn. Discomfort, but this branch is really big.

It can’t catch up with AirPods structurally, but Xiaomi Air 2 has recovered a lot of points in the interactive experience. Paired with Xiaomi phones, it has the same out-of-the-box functionality as AirPods. When you open the box of Xiaomi Air 2, you can pop up the animation of the headset connection at the bottom of the phone screen. The response time is almost the same as AirPods. This is a good thing. Xiaomi Air 2 can also display the power of the headset and the charging box on the phone. If your Air 2 is new, the phone will prompt you to press and hold the function button on the right side of the charging box to pair, which is a matter of seconds. .

With this function, Xiaomi Air 2 really opens up the distance from ordinary Bluetooth headsets. For the experience of use alone, if you still need to manually open the settings-Bluetooth-pairing-connection, what kind of smart device.

AirPods has Siri, Xiaomi Air 2 has Xiao Ai classmates, not a match. As long as the Xiaoai classmate APP is installed on the phone, you can wake up with a headset and say “Little Classmate”. Operations such as making calls, querying information, and up and down songs are very convenient, so you don’t need to open the phone.

Other touch operations, such as double tapping the headset to hang up the phone, and double tapping the right headset to play / pause can free your hands. The overall experience is comparable to AirPods.

Finally, in terms of sound quality, Xiaomi Air 2 supports LHDC Bluetooth high-definition decoding technology, claiming that it can accurately reproduce human voices and musical instruments with clear levels. Sound quality metaphysics, here to explain in advance, the following are personal experience, the conclusion is only responsible for my ears.

The same song uses iPhone XR as the playback device, and uses AirPods and Xiaomi Air 2 to listen to the same song. Not to mention, Xiaomi Air 2’s vocal is indeed clearer and more layered than AirPods. And using Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G version as the playback device, using Xiaomi Air 2 and AirPods to listen to the same song, the two have different flavors, and personally feel that the difference in sound quality is not so obvious. Therefore, in addition to the headphones, the sound quality is also affected by the sound source and playback equipment. It is best to go to the Xiaomi flagship store to experience it with your own song on your mobile phone.

In general, compared to in-ear headphones like Xiaomi ’s own AirDots and Xiaomi ’s first generation, Xiaomi Air 2 has made significant improvements in design and use experience. If you want to compare with friends’ O-Free wireless headphones, Meizu POP 2 and other products, it is actually not strict. As far as the use experience is concerned, each headset can only have the best experience on its own mobile phone, so if you want to choose this kind of Bluetooth wireless headset, just choose according to the brand of your mobile phone. If you are using an iPhone, and you want to match the headsets of other manufacturers, then you must have the expectation of just buying a Bluetooth headset. There are many physical stores in each of them. It is best to wear it on the spot to experience it. Looking at the parameters online is difficult to pick the right product.

Finally, I want to talk about the wireless Bluetooth headset industry. Long time after the first generation of AirPods came out, there were no comparable products in the market, and there were no similar products. This was the same as when the iPhone was launched. The situation is very similar. The manufacturers do not want to do it, but they cannot do it at all. Technology barriers are there, and supply chain control is there, so solution companies also need more time to research. When similar solutions are researched, we can see similar products appearing like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Huaqiangbei The high imitation products can be almost perfect, although we are a few steps slower, but we are catching up.

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