Haylou GT1 Plus Bluetooth headset, restore CD-level lossless sound quality

Haylou GT1 Plus Bluetooth headset, restore CD-level lossless sound quality


As a representative of cost-effective Bluetooth headsets, I believe everyone is familiar with the brand Haylou (hey), since the first Haylou GT1 Bluetooth headset released before, it is very popular, and its price of 100 yuan also makes many like it Friends of Bluetooth headsets, startled, recently Haylou has made a new move and released an upgraded product, that is, Haylou GT1 Plus Bluetooth headsets. This time also a “core” upgrade, and the price is still only sold Hundred yuan.

So what’s the difference between Haylou GT1 Plus and Haylou GT1, or what areas have been upgraded this time, let me tell you below, Haylou GT1 Plus Bluetooth headset, first of all, upgrade the chip, but also use imported Qualcomm chip Secondly, the dual-channel TWS master-slave switchover was adopted in the communication method. Finally, the wool speaker was also used in the sound chamber speaker, and the original battery life was 3.5 hours, upgraded to 5 hours.

From the perspective of product packaging, it is basically the same as the previous generation. The product packaging is actually very simple. The internal packaging is very neat and very safe. The product is packaged very completely. The main product accessories are: GT1 Plus Bluetooth Headphones, large, medium and small earplugs, charging data cable, instruction manual.

The charging compartment of the Haylou GT1 Plus Bluetooth headset is made of plastic and has a black matte process. The feel is very good. The overall design is oval and very lightweight.

The charging compartment is opened with a magnetic opening and closing cover, which is very convenient to open and close. The earphones are placed inside the charging compartment, left and right ears respectively. The charging compartment has magnetic contacts and headphones. The contacts on the top are the same, and can be fixed firmly when placed. It is very convenient when you use it.

Haylou GT1 Plus Bluetooth headset is known as the hall-level tuning and has a thousand yuan sound quality. You can also see from the parameters of the headset that it is indeed worthy of the name. The headset has a built-in 7.2mm wool biological composite diaphragm to build a surround sound field. Supports aptX + AAC dual HD decoding, which truly restores every sound detail, pushing the performance of the headphones to the extreme.

The earphones are designed to be very lightweight. One earphone weighs about 3.9g. It is not only small and light, easy to wear, but not easy to drop, and suitable for most people.

The touch-sensitive design has also brought more popularity to Haylou GT1 Plus Bluetooth headsets. A high-precision touchpad is designed inside the headset. Just touch the cover on the headset to complete a variety of complex functions and eliminate The pain of pressing the ears during the operation of the physical keys is improved.

At the same time, the headset also integrates the Bluetooth 5.0 version of the Qualcomm QCC3020 Bluetooth chip, which doubles the connection speed, has a larger data capacity and lower power consumption than the previous generation. Bluetooth 5.0 also has better compatibility and anti-interference, which can connect WIFI and The conflict of 4G network is reduced to the minimum, and it is stable as wired.

The charging method uses a Micro USB charging interface. The battery capacity of the charging compartment is 310mAh, the battery capacity of the headset is 43mAh, and the headset charges about 1.5 hours at a time, but it can bring 5 hours of use time to the headset and the total battery life is 18 hour.

The headset requires a Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth connection is very convenient. As long as you remove the headset from the charging compartment, you can automatically turn it on, and then open the phone to pair it. It is very convenient. If you do n’t use it, you only need to put the headset back into the charging compartment. , That is, it can realize the shutdown and charging, and it will automatically connect to Bluetooth after the next time it is taken out.

The Haylou GT1 Plus Bluetooth headset also adopts a smarter master-slave switching transmission method, which completely solves the tedious problem of single and double ear switching of true wireless headphones. Dual-channel TWS + technology can directly connect to playback devices, left / right / double The ears switch seamlessly, without disturbing each other, and quickly reconnecting, taking you to experience incredible black technology.

Of course, the sound quality of the headphones is important, but whether the actual wearing is comfortable and whether there is a sense of pressure, these need to be given after the actual wearing. Of course, I also actually wear it a bit. Generally speaking, it is relatively comfortable to wear. Mainly because the headset itself is very small and light, weighing only 3.9g, so it is really non-sense when worn, and because the headset is small, it can hide the vision, if nothing.

Headphones are used for listening, so how does it perform in terms of music? I also experienced it a bit. In terms of music, I also listened to several songs specifically for the sound quality of headphones. From the overall experience, the sound quality is still good. Yes, the bass performance is very strong and powerful, and it is softer in the middle and high frequencies, and it wo n’t hit the head. In fact, I have also used many true wireless Bluetooth headsets. Although the price of the GT1 Plus is 100 yuan, the sound quality is completely Beyond imagination.

For players who like to play mobile games, if there is a delay in the game, it represents the key to your victory. Therefore, I also tried it in the chicken game. The delay is basically not there. This is mainly GT1 Plus. Using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the transmission speed is faster and more stable, so the delay in the game is low, so the game will be smoother and more sour.

As a Bluetooth audio brand focusing on the Internet, Haylou does a very good job. The upgraded Haylou GT1 Plus Bluetooth headset launched this time has also caused a strong response. Not only is it very light in appearance, but it has also been greatly improved in functionality. aptX + AAC dual HD decoding restores CD-level lossless sound quality, imported Qualcomm QCC3020 Bluetooth chip + master-slave switching black technology, bid farewell to disconnection, and make your experience better. Finally, this Haylou GT1 Plus Bluetooth headset is still It only sells for 100 yuan. It can really be said that there is no increase in the amount of increase. If you are excited, then don’t start quickly.

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