Huawei Honor 10 review a smartphone with beautiful colors

Huawei Honor 10 review: a smartphone with beautiful colors


A few weeks ago, it was announced in its home country that Huawei ’s Honor 10 is now on its journey to Europe. We participated in the press conference in the UK and shared with you. But first let’s take a look at the specifications.

First of all, it is the head of Kirin 970-Honor 10 gets Huawei’s internal flagship chipset, just like Honor View 10, be careful not to confuse the two. There are 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage on board, but do n’t be surprised if these numbers differ in your particular market-for example 6GB of RAM or 64GB of storage. In any case, there is no microSD slot, which is a rogue.

The similarity between non-view 10 and view 10 continues to enter the camera department. Honor 10 brings a 16MP main cam that can shoot color and an additional black and white. Only here, the monochrome camera is 24MP instead of the 20MP of View 10. There are more megapixels in the front, maybe too much-the 24MP camera seems to have been taken directly from the P20 (we are not very excited about this one).

The Honor 10 is equipped with a 3,400mAh battery, which is 10% lower than the View 10, but at this time the display is slightly smaller-it is a 5.84-inch IPS LCD with rounded corners and a forced notch (sigh).

Huawei Honor 10 hands-on

To make sure you did n’t mistake Honor 10 for Honor View 10, instead of seeking a more meaningful naming scheme, Honor (cough, Huawei) made new phones from glass instead of metal. Although Huawei is about the exact version of mom, the back of it is some type of gorilla glass-don’t quote them, but in this case, it is usually GG3.

We are not saying that the Blue View 10 we reviewed is not beautiful, on the contrary. But Huawei really knows what color scheme it has on glass phones-look at the gorgeous P20-and you will get some style of Honor 10.

There are actually many, especially if you choose one of the phantom colors-blue or green. They are as spectacular as those on the P20, and we have a hard time understanding why someone would get Boring Glacier Gray or Incognito Midnight Black (the one we got). However, if you are that person, there are options.

We are not completely sure about the words AICAMERA on the back. Yes, we know that ‘AI in AI’ is the slogan of Honor 10. Yes, AI has been a mandatory buzzword in the past year. That is to say, if it stays in promotional materials instead of sprinkling on the device itself, we will not object. In any case, the back of the P20 is a different type of perpetrator with a variety of text printed on the back, so Honor 10 may actually be better in this regard.

In the upper left corner you will find the camera combination, in a slightly raised ordinary component, on both sides are flashes. We dare say that it looks slightly better than the small goggles set in View 10. In addition, the back of the phone is very clean, with only the honor mark on the bottom third.

Turn to the front and you will be welcomed by a gap. Okay, maybe we should stop hating now-everyone and their sub-brands have one. The Honor 10 has a completely nice nearly 6-inch FullHD + display (5.84 inches, 2280x1080px). The aspect ratio reaches 19: 9, and the additional 1: 9 on the top can accommodate the notch.

In this notch, Huawei found that the headphone, front camera and ambient light / proximity sensor had enough space-so just like the P20.

The fingerprint reader at the bottom attempts to provide a case for the presence of the bottom border. In fact, the chin on the company ’s flagship is a little more, but it only drops slightly-no big deal. Of course, our main complaint is to have both a screen notch and a thick bottom bezel-Apple made others out of necessity, and others are doing it because it is fashionable.

The frame is made of aluminum-not all View 10 metal is lost. There is a power button on the right, slightly above the midpoint, and the volume rocker is above this value. Both controls are conveniently located and should not cause usability problems. The card tray is on the other side and it requires two nanoSIMs and a zero microSD card-the built-in memory is all the storage space you get.

The USB-C port is at the bottom, in the classic central position, but it also supports Huawei’s Super Charge fast charging, up to 5V / 4.5A. There is also a bundled fast charger, so you do n’t have to buy another company with a notch display phone.

On the side of the USB port is a 3.5mm jack-an area where midranger benefits, and Huawei flagship stores are starting to abandon the headphone jack (Vanilla Mate 10 is the last to own it). On the other hand are speakers and microphones. The different size holes of the microphone really make us feel uneasy. But hey, what the Huawei designer said is-so that’s it.


The Honor 10 is equipped with a typical Huawei camera setup-this is the typical setup in its concept, but it is new in terms of specific details. What we mean is there is a normal color cam, the second is black and white-this is a typical point. The 16MP RGB camera has been taken out of View 10, but the 24MP monochrome camera we have never seen before.

Of course, all this is related to artificial intelligence. This new phone and promotional materials claim that its camera can recognize 22 different categories of subjects and shooting scenes in real time, and adjust shooting parameters accordingly. If the Master AI in P20 and P20 Pro is not so good, we would like to know how good this ‘apprentice’ AI will be. We did take a few snapshots immediately after the event, but we will not read them too much-we will leave it to the full review. Just in case, one is AI and the other is-no.


This is the Kirin 970 powering the Honor 10, which is Huawei ’s top-of-the-line chipset in the Mate 10, which was recently used in the P20 and P20 Pro. It also appeared in another Honor smartphone, and we mentioned View 10 here and there. All of this shows that we are well aware of its capabilities.

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