Why Is My Phone So Slow


When your mobile phone fails and works too slowly, this may be a very uncomfortable thing. After a long period of use, your smartphone will run slower and slower. The following methods can make your phone run faster. To be more fluid.

If your smartphone is an Android phone, please use the following method:

1. Make sure that your system is upgraded to the latest version: If your phone is running slowly, it may be because you have not upgraded to the latest version of the system. So you can go to the settings to check whether the software update has the latest upgrade available.

2. Delete unnecessary old applications and photos: If the phone is still slow after upgrading to the latest version of the system, then try to get rid of those unnecessary files. We often forget to delete unnecessary music or old photos,  and they are also one of the reasons that slow down the running speed. In addition, useless apps may also occupy the background resources of the system and slow down the running speed of the mobile phone. Simply put, the fewer useless things, the better.

3. Clean up the App cache: Sometimes some apps will save a lot of data or picture cache, and every time the App is opened, it will be loaded again, which will also slow down the speed of the phone. Therefore, when the previous App cache time is too long to be of no use, you can clear these useless caches in the App settings.

4. If your mobile phone has been used for a long time, and the official no longer supports upgrading to the latest version of the Android system. Since the Android system is open-source, anyone can modify it, so you might as well try a custom ROM. This method can make old mobile phones run faster on the original basis.

If your smartphone is an iPhone, please use the following methods:

1. Insufficient memory, slow response of Apple mobile phone, the main reason for the stuck is actually due to insufficient memory of Apple mobile phone. Generally speaking, just double-click the HOME button to close all running applications in the background to make your Apple mobile phone smooth.

2. Clear mobile phone application cache data, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. installed on Apple mobile phones, there are often many chat records and cached content on these applications, which will take up a lot of mobile phone memory and affect mobile phone operating speed, it is recommended to regularly clean up the contents of the cache records on these applications.

3. Remove unnecessary content, or delete and uninstall some unnecessary photos, videos, and application software on the phone, and try to avoid the things that are unnecessary, so that the Apple phone can save memory space and the phone’s running response speed is also improve.

4. Restart the phone regularly. When using the iPhone, most users will always keep it turned on, but it is actually necessary to restart the phone regularly. Just like turning off background applications, turning off the phone can help the iPhone get rid of those things that have been occupying system resources.

5. Close all the apps running in the background. Closing the apps running in the background can make your iPhone a little smoother, especially when there are large apps. Because, just like a computer, these applications consume device memory.

6. Turn off the iTunes Store and App Store to automatically update applications. If you happen to encounter the background update and download applications while using the phone, it will slow down the phone system operation speed. You can turn off the iTunes Store and App Store automatic updates. This will make your iphone more smooth.

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