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Gome S7 real machine experience evaluation


How is Gome S7 easy to use? According to relevant media reports, Gome, one of the largest electrical retailers in China, recently launched a thousand-yuan machine that features full-screen and face recognition functions – “Gome S7”. So, how is the Gome S7 easy to use? Gome S7 value is not worth buying? In response to the above problems, Xiaobian today brought you the Gome S7 real machine experience evaluation.

When I first got this phone, I first felt that this phone is a bit like the red rice 4X. It has a standard three-stage design on the back, a metal back shell with a plastic cover, and a gray body color. The color matching commonly used in the thousand yuan machine does not require too much anodizing technology, and there will be some savings in cost.

Gome understands what is needed in today’s smartphone market from the design of this Gome S7, so even if it is a thousand yuan machine, it still has the elements needed for the full screen and double camera. The fingerprint module is placed on the back of the phone, and the unlocking speed is good.

The back of the phone has a curved design, and the overall grip feels good. However, the phone feels a bit heavy, the official did not give specific data, but from the point of view, the weight of this phone must exceed 160 grams.

Gome S7 has a 5.7-inch 18:9 screen ratio full screen, but the screen resolution is only 720P, it is a pity.

In addition, the overall design of the phone is relatively symmetrical, the width of the top and bottom of the screen is almost equal, and the interface of the bottom of the phone and the position of the speaker microphone are also quite symmetrical, looking very comfortable. The 3.5mm headphone jack is designed on the top of the fuselage, which is different from the current practice of many smartphones at the bottom.

In terms of core hardware, Gome S7 uses MediaTek’s eight-core processor with a core frequency of 1.5GHz and a 4+64GB memory combination. From the perspective of Antu Bunny, this phone can run to 5.8W. In the stress test, the heat output of the mobile phone is well controlled.

On the system side, Gome S7 is equipped with GOME OS 2.0, a system based on Android 7.1. The overall interface style of the system is not much different from the current mainstream domestic mobile phone system. This system has a main function called “global collection”. It can collect the contents of all third-party applications, including WeChat public number articles, news information and other content can be entered, you can customize the personalized collection channel.

In addition, in this system, the software adds support for face unlocking. From the experience point of view, the unlocking speed is very fast.

In the experience of the king’s glory, because there is no cooperation with Tianmei, the mobile phone does not open multi-core and multi-threading. The normal 5V5 group battles the Gome S7 basically stays at 40 frames, while in the general running picture, the number of frames is about 55 frames. Basically, there is not much difference between the positioning of the product.

The Gome S7 is equipped with a dual-lens module that uses a combination of 13 million + 8 million. Both lenses are color lenses. But in a strict sense, the dual-lens module of this mobile phone can’t work together. The main lens is 13 million mainly used for taking pictures, and the 8 million sub-lens can be imaged separately. Its main function is to take wide-angle photos in the settings. You can call the wide angle mode.

This is a proof. From the perspective of the imaging effect, the sharpness and tolerance of the whole camera are good. Of course, first of all, the quality of the overall shooting is acceptable, but there are not many highlights to comment.

Battery, Gome S7 built a 4000 mAh lithium battery, I did not systematically test the durability of the battery, the author gives two data, we all judge, the king glory two hours battery dropped from 89% to 66 %, a two-hour online movie battery dropped from 54% to 43%, all tests were conducted in the environment where WiFi is not inserted into the SIM card.

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