The coolest children's Q12B phone watch on the market

The coolest children’s Q12B phone watch on the market

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The day when we go home for Chinese New Year is getting closer and closer. At this point in time, everyone ’s heart seems a little loose, because half of their hearts are already on their way home. Not only that, everyone is thinking about home gifts, for elders and children. When choosing gifts for elders, they may choose some supplements and clothes. When choosing gifts for children, they may be new clothes and new pants.

In fact, when returning home to prepare gifts for the children, in addition to buying clothes for the children, it is most suitable to buy a children’s watch for the children. On the one hand, the child feels novel, loved, and happy; on the other hand, the children’s watch is also very practical and can be used at any time for phone calls or voice chats. Another important thing is that it can accurately locate the child’s location at all times and protect the child. Security. In addition, there are many other useful features.

Just when everyone was thinking about going home for the Chinese New Year, we introduced the Q15 and Q12B children’s phone watches overtime, which are good-looking and practical. It is a must-have gift for children in the New Year. Let ’s take a look at Q12B children. Another highlight of the watch.

Colorful body, willful wear

Yiqing Teng Q12B is equipped with two styles of princess pink and knight blue. Each different color is intertwined with each other, gorgeous and colorful, wearing on the hand, as if a girl is wearing a dazzling bracelet;

Ultra-thin body, lightweight texture

Yiqingteng Q12B is designed with ultra-thin technology. The maximum thickness of the entire body is only 14.1mm, which is as thin as a workbook. It is an ultra-thin series in the entire children’s watch product. It is very light and wearable without pressure.

Precision research and development, process upgrade

YiQing Q12B from project establishment, design, research and development, grinding, analysis and improvement, remanufacturing, took multiple periods, the entire process is precise, the process is further upgraded, ensuring the slightest error in the function, making the two-way communication clearer and the positioning more accurate. Endurance is longer.

Tongyi Qingteng Q15 Children’s Phone Watch is also a year-end giant child watch of Yiqingteng Q12B. It is equipped with princess pink and knight blue. Both boys and girls have specific styles. Boys can choose knight blue and girls can choose princess pink. If you bring it to your child, you will definitely be happier than seeing new clothes.

The role of children’s watches for children is now just like that of smartphones for adults. Not only is it easy for parents and children to connect with each other, but also parents can look after their children. Which one are you going to buy?

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