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Baseus S17 sports Bluetooth headset hands-on experience

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Baseus, as a professional accessory manufacturer, covers a very comprehensive range of products. It can be said that most of the accessories we usually need have corresponding products, and what we want to experience today is exactly what Baseus is aiming at today’s users. Created a new Bluetooth headset product-Baseus S17 sports Bluetooth headset.

After more and more smart phones, especially high-end machines, have cancelled the 3.5mm audio interface, wireless Bluetooth headsets have become the choice of most users. With the increase in daily frequency and use scenarios, everyone also gradually switched from simple calls. The transition to more standard features such as high sound quality, stability, and wearing comfort.

Baseus, as a professional accessory manufacturer, covers a very comprehensive range of products. It can be said that most of the accessories we usually need have corresponding products, and what we want to experience today is exactly what Baseus is aiming at today’s users. Created a new Bluetooth headset product-Baseus S17 sports Bluetooth headset.

Baseus S17 sports Bluetooth headset hands-on experience and evaluation:

Appearance and wearing

The Baseus S17 has two colors, black and white. I prefer the white version. The earphones are highly consistent in color except for the rose red decoration ring. The physical appearance is close to milky white. With its own silicone material, it looks very comfortable. a feeling of.

The headset uses a flexible cord half-neck design, and the remote control is arranged below the right ear. The remote control integrates a micro USB charging interface and three function buttons. The buttons are separated by protrusions. The user can feel it completely when wearing The positioning can be performed directly and blindly, which is very convenient in both sports and daily use.

In order to ensure the stability during exercise, the Baseus S17 has also been optimized in many details. First, the ear hooks were replaced from conventional plastic materials to soft silicone materials that are more flexible and skin-friendly. Slow-resilient soft silicone Not only is it more comfortable to wear, but the stability is also better. One of the added benefits is that it is very friendly to glasses parties like me. When wearing the Baseus S17, there is no fight between the temples and the ear hooks.

Secondly, the guiding angle of the Baseus S17 is also specially designed. After studying a large amount of data on the ear canal and auricle, Baseus customized 60 °, a tilt angle with a high degree of fit to the auricle, and tilted it into the ear. It is ensured that it will not be awkward to wear for a long time, and will not cause friction, pain or ear swelling.

In non-use state, the Baseus S17 adopts a magnetic suction design, which can be attracted to the unit when it is removed from the ear and gently placed on both sides. It is also very convenient. When you are in sports, everyone is lightly loaded and it is not convenient to carry more items. Such portability is praiseworthy.

Hardware specifications

Comfort and stability of sports wear are of course important, but as a headset, its audio performance should be the basis of all experience. The Baseus S17 uses an independent sound cavity and a 12mm PU composite diaphragm to ensure a sensitive frequency response. And full audio high resolution, dual structure in-ear design also provides better sealed physical noise reduction effect, in noisy environment can also let users feel the pure sound quality of the song itself.

The principle of the dynamic earphone is to drive the diaphragm to generate sound through electrical signals. The physical characteristics of the diaphragm of different materials are different, and their vibration characteristics and feedback are also different. The 12mm large-size PU composite diaphragm used in the Baseus S17 can The characteristics of multiple layers of different diaphragms are fully utilized, and the frequency response and stroke performance of the diaphragm are better. In addition, the tuning by Baseus audio experts can significantly improve the resolution and transient of the headset. The independent cavity provides ample resonance space for sound, making the low frequency more powerful, and the entire sounding unit performs satisfactorily.

The Baseus S17 uses a dual-battery + low-power circuit design. The left and right ear units are equipped with 50mAh batteries at the back. The weight is even when worn. A total of 100mAh battery capacity also provides sufficient battery life. It can support continuous listening for more than 7 hours. It is an extremely long battery life of nearly 150 songs. At the same time, it can be fully filled with blood in just 1.5h.

In order to get better scene adaptability, the Baseus S17 can be described as both internal and external, with Bluetooth 5.0 upgrade inside, and IPX5 waterproof level supported on the outside, so that a lot of sweating and soaking during vigorous exercise do not need to worry about the functionality of the headset being affected, which is more suitable for sports Scenes.

Compared with its predecessor Bluetooth 4.1 / 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 has greatly improved the maximum transmission rate and the stability of the connection, and it has a better energy consumption ratio and is more suitable for products with low power consumption. Therefore, Baseus S17 is facing Still staying in the mainstream Bluetooth 4.1 standard wireless headphones, naturally also have greater advantages.

The advantages of Bluetooth 5.0 are so obvious, but some manufacturers have been slow to follow up. This is mainly due to two reasons. The first is naturally the issue of upgrade costs, which includes resources and product ecology. The second is when users The requirements for true wireless Bluetooth headsets have been raised. Bluetooth 4.2 version has been able to meet the basic use requirements, while Baseus has higher requirements for the product, so it is preferred to choose a better Bluetooth 5.0 version.

Use experience

The main function keys of the Baseus S17 are centralized online control positions, which are volume plus and minus keys and multi-function keys. Long-press the multi-function key to control the power on and off, short press is the play / pause operation, and long press the volume plus-minus key during playback. You can adjust the previous / next song. In the call mode, short press the multi-function key to answer / hang up the call, long press to reject the call, and long press during the call to switch the audio from Bluetooth to the mobile phone, Long press to switch back to the Bluetooth headset, the overall operation logic is natural, and you can easily adapt after a few hands-on experience.

The silicone ear hook is very comfortable during wearing, and the foreign body feeling is usually low, but when shaken, the Baseus S17 will let you know that sports Bluetooth headsets are not stigmatized. The solid and soft wires also reduce the stethoscope effect. At the very least, it will never interrupt your immersed movement.

The sound quality of the Baseus S17 itself is also good, the sound field is large, the sense of hearing is more natural, and the style of adaptation is rich. Of course, it may be more suitable for the popular classmates. Among them, the high frequency performance is good, the vocal is close to the ear and the separation is high. When listening to popular and folk music, the performance of vocals and instruments is very good, the emotional appeal is strong, the low frequency volume is sufficient, and the hip-hop type music has a good atmosphere , Can not help making people want to move, but Dubstep and other electronic music type concerts appear to be a little lack of low-frequency flexibility, shaking legs attributes did not get full marks.

The performance of the Baseus S17 is also excellent during a call, with clear radio reception and stable connection. The convenient operability allows users to be free from the constraints of wires during a call. And whether it is talking or listening to music, the good passive noise reduction ability of the Baseus S17 cannot be ignored, it can let you find your own small world in a variety of noisy environments.

Summary: a good match for non-porous phones

It can be seen that, whether it is used as a supplement to mobile phone calls or as a solution for non-porous mobile phones to listen to songs, Baseus S17 has good adaptability, and more importantly, Baseus S17 does not lose the name of Bluetooth sports headphones. Absolutely high scores for comfort and stability in mid-range, and easy to operate, so you do n’t have to be restrained by your mobile phone during exercise, and you do n’t have to worry about accidentally throwing your headphones away, you can really focus on sports and enjoy wireless headphones. New sports experience.

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