Lenovo Watch X Plus - the ultimate craftsmanship for a smart experience

Lenovo Watch X Plus: the ultimate craftsmanship for a smart experience

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In this era of “everything is intelligent”, our lives are occupied by mobile phones and computers. The overly immersive experience reminds us of the “simple and beautiful” of old mechanical products, and watches are one of them. In fact, the watch category has been invented for hundreds of years, from clocks to watches to electronic watch smart watches … even in this era of advanced technology, there are still quite a few people who cannot accept full screen watches, even if they Cool. Maybe this is our fascination with the remaining mechanical structure in our hearts. Perhaps it was precisely the voice of the crowd that Lenovo has launched a Watch X Plus smart watch. Although it has an intelligent “core”, it also uses a traditional round dial and pointer design, which combines tradition and technology well.

In terms of appearance, the Lenovo Watch X Plus at first glance is a traditional pointer watch, but also a little cool. This Chinese red color scheme uses the classic black + red design. The red on the back of the strap is looming, revealing vitality in a low key. The dial also uses red as the main color, and the hands are driven by Ronda Swiss gearbox. At the same time, the addition of high-end batch luminous needles is more gorgeous in the dark. The surface is covered with a piece of sapphire mirror glass, the hardness up to 9H can prevent most scratches.

The back of the dial is made of 316L medical grade stainless steel case, which has excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and creep resistance. The metal brushing process makes the back more agile. The middle of the back is the sensor area, and the top is the magnetic charger interface. The matching edible-grade silicone strap, the red and black double-sided design is very delicate and smart. The small hole on the back of the strap can ventilate and sweat, making it more comfortable to wear.

Overall, Lenovo Watch X Plus has done a good job of “convergence of traditional technology” in terms of appearance. The color of China Red is suitable for both men and women. It can be said to be the “good product of conscience” in domestic smart watches. After reading the traditional appearance design, let’s take a look at its performance as a smart watch.

Similar to ordinary smart watches, Lenovo Watch X Plus also needs to be connected to the mobile app. The Lenovo Watch X Plus uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology based on low power consumption and long-distance transmission, which supports barrier-free and stable connection between the watch and the mobile phone for 15-25 meters. Even if worn all day, it will not consume too much power.

As a smart watch, the sport function is naturally not sloppy! The Lenovo Watch X Plus has a built-in heart rate sensor, a 6-axis sensor (G-sensor / gyro), a geomagnetic sensor, and a barometric temperature sensor. It can monitor heart rate status, sleep quality, etc. in real time, and it can also monitor and reflect altitude, temperature, etc. in real time.

In addition to the standard sports mode, you can customize your own personal sports mode on the app. With a variety of sports modes such as mountain climbing, running, swimming, fishing, etc., you can choose as you want. For a sedentary office worker every day, a smart watch that can customize sports is not too intimate!

In addition, the mobile app can estimate the heart rate. Just place your finger at the flash and camera to estimate your heart rate. In addition, there are many practical small functions, remote camera function, as long as you enter the watch APP camera interface, short press or shake the watch to quickly take pictures; sedentary reminder function, when you are sedentary, the watch will help you through vibration alerts You develop a healthy lifestyle; the alarm reminder function, when the mobile phone and watch are connected, you can set the alarm time through the mobile phone APP.

In addition, as a sports watch, Lenovo Watch X Plus uses 8ATM waterproof seal technology, which supports 80 meters waterproof. It can be used normally in scenarios such as hand washing and rain. For friends who love swimming, it’s no problem. Even the environment of wild rafting and adventure is no problem.

To sum up, Lenovo Watch X Plus is a traditional watch, whether it is forged in stainless steel, or 5 stylish colors such as gray, green, and Chinese red, it is very outstanding; in terms of intelligence, remote camera, sedentary reminder, and notification remind Can provide you with a lightweight messaging experience. Having said so much, I believe that what everyone is most concerned about is its price. As a watch with a combination of technology and machinery, it has a stylish appearance and rich functions.

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