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Founded in 1945, Sennheiser has always been recognized as a headset manufacturer in the world. The aura of its brand has never been dimmed. Whether it is top-level or entry-level, it is highly sought after by many consumers. As a pseudo-music fan, the author has also used the Sennheiser MX series flat-head headphones. Although it is also an entry-level product, it is still popular among the public. It is well known that Sennheiser’s high-end headphones have great popularity and appeal. This is not to be doubted, but more ordinary users value the cost-effective entry-level headphones. Today, I will bring Sennheiser. An entry-level product with a good sales volume – CX3.00, share the experience of this headset.

  1. Packing box

Although the Sennheiser CX3.00 is an entry-level product, but the package is relatively transparent, or a simple carton, this small gift box is still quite good, after all, give people a hand. The front of the box is the rendering of the product, the red and black classic color is the author’s favorite, and this headset also provides a choice of black and white, as the color is your dish to see personal preferences. It is also worth mentioning that the official CX3.00 provides a two-year warranty. See if the electronic products that are used to the one-year warranty period feel Sennheiser is very kind?

The parameter information of the earphone on the back of the box and the security of the security card, as a well-known brand of headphones, Sennheiser, has been highly sought after by the various high imitation cottages on the market, so please choose the regular channel and the verification of authenticity. To guarantee their own legitimate rights and interests.

Open the inside of the box is a thick sponge protective layer, as well as a dedicated crystal storage box, also in the protection of the field is also very good, not only to ensure the safety of transportation, but also take into account the daily use of storage can be described as much more.

Take a look at the contrast of the size, the details of the storage box and the workmanship are good, and in addition to the fixed storage, there is a more intimate design.

It can be used as a winder. As a wired earphone, it is usually placed in a backpack or a bag. It is inevitable that it will be wrapped around other objects. With this storage box that takes care of the winder, you don’t have to worry about this headache.

On the back of the storage box, the plug and the fitted earplugs can be placed. In these details, Sennheiser is still very delicate and user-friendly, but it has to be spit out, that is, the fixed slot of the earphone is too tight. When I take it out, I am worried that I will break the headphone cord. Fortunately, the quality of Sen Haisai is indeed just the same, and it has not caused the cup to occur because of the author’s hard pull.

Since unpacking, let’s take a look at the CX3.00 family portrait, the general configuration of the entry headset, the instruction manual and three different earphones, which are not luxurious but practical.

Special comments on the earplugs that have been delivered, there is a model of the XS version, which is not available in the headphones that have been experienced before, not very imagining what users are custom-made, which makes the author somewhat strange.

  1. Appearance and workmanship

The earphone style is tens of millions, but the CX3.00 is not considered “bone-specific” as a whole. The shape can be said to be closer to the traditional in-ear headphones, but the red and black combination can be described as a classic match, especially on the cavity. A touch of red can be said to play a finishing touch.

The nameplate behind the cavity is to upgrade the product’s grades. Of course, Sennheiser’s name is already loud enough. Even if there is no nameplate, it is the representative of quality and quality. Are you saying yes?

The sound tube of Sennheiser CX3.00 is made of all-metal material, and the groove and the card slot are quite delicate. The joint with the cavity is also processed very neatly, without any burr roughness. It is clear that the work of the big factory is worthy of recognition.

The sound tube of Sennheiser CX3.00 is not the metal mesh we are familiar with, and it is similar to the barrier layer of a layer of sponge. Although it can also block the entry of foreign matter, the cleaning is slightly troublesome, so usually Need to pay attention when using.

The wire used in Sennheiser CX3.00 is a bit special, not a round wire or a flat noodle wire, but the shape is more similar to an oval shape, and the flexible and elastic material can effectively reduce the trouble of the earphone winding.

Sennheiser CX3.00 is designed for listening to songs, so there is no microphone position in the distribution interface, so you need to pay attention when purchasing. In addition, the square splitter on the cable is a bright spot, which is in sharp contrast with the lower cylinder, making the blind adjustment more convenient.

L-shaped 3.5mm plug is the type that I like, it is more space-saving than in-line, and it is not easy to bend. After all, I have too many plugs for bending, the gold plating of the socket and the joint part, from above. It can be seen that the processing is very good, and the smooth and burr-free work is still worthy of recognition. After all, it comes from Sennheiser~

  1. Wearing and appreciating

Let’s talk about the comfort of wearing. In-ear design has become a popular trend in the market in recent years. If it is different from other, it still benefits from its small cavity, which does not bring too much awkward feeling to the author. Of course, the soft earplugs are also quite comfortable. The longer sound tube can penetrate the ear canal deeply, effectively isolating the surrounding noise, making the listening sound more pure and natural.

The wired headset can’t avoid the stethoscope effect. Although the wire of Sennheiser CX3.00 has been made very soft, it is more or less in the friction. If the clip can be attached to the accessory, the improvement is very big. I hope that manufacturers will also notice this.

It may be too elegant to say that the appreciation is sound. After all, the sound is a very mysterious thing. Everyone’s sense of hearing will be different. Therefore, the following comments are only commented on personal feelings and do not represent professional or official. Sennheiser CX3.00 uses dynamic coil unit sound, impedance is 18 ohms, sensitivity is 118dB, frequency response range is 17~21Khz, entry-level configuration front-end promotion is not difficult, so I chose Huawei mobile phone and HIFIMAN player. Come to the playback experience.

High-frequency part: The zither of the week of the peach is played by “The Chrysanthemum Story”. The zither is a musical instrument with a very beautiful music. The wide range can show the expressiveness of course. The fast-paced change is free for the sound. The requirements are very good, and in terms of the performance of the mobile phone, Sennheiser CX3.00’s brightness meter is not yet acceptable, the overall performance is still pretty natural, but the sound is slightly dim, and if you change to the player to experience, Although the situation has improved, there are still tables that can’t be opened. Maybe it’s not open yet!

The mid-range part: Recently, I like Liu Wei’s Zen songs very much. The genre is very beautiful, there is no big change, but it is not as dull as water. It takes a certain difficulty to play well. For both front ends. The difference in performance is not obvious, the vocal image and resolving power are remarkable, the tooth sound generally does not have the feeling of goose bump, but it is not dull and boring, the overall performance is acceptable, and there is no problem in dealing with pop music.

Low-frequency part: selected from the “Taiko Drum” of Ghost Taigu, I think many fans have heard it. Sennheiser CX3.00 is a special advertisement for the bass part in the official advertisement, so for a good experience. Its low-frequency effect, anyway, has been listening to it for several times. It can be said that the instant cohesive performance of the drum is good. It can be retracted in a large dynamic environment, and there is no obvious feeling of depression. The low-frequency dive is However, the depth is not enough, there is still room for development, but for this product that is biased towards the subwoofer, it is considered qualified.

Summary: The advantages of Sennheiser CX3.00 are very simple, the big brand is good workmanship, the appearance is fashionable, it can be used as a street tool, and the sound quality is also remarkable. It is more suitable for users who like to listen to pop songs and mid-bass. To say the shortcomings, there is no wire control and MIC, not suitable for mobile phone use, there are some stethoscope effects, if you can equip the cable clip will be better. But this headset is not your dish, you can see the belief in the brand, after all, as an entry-level product, Sennheiser CX3.00 is qualified, what do you think?

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