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On hot summer days, the poisonous sun is coming again. In addition to the skin being subjected to hot temperature baking, its different brightness is also hot eyes. In order to not suffer from the “bright sunshine” of summer, it is time to sacrifice the pressure Artifact-sunglasses. It is said that Mijia has only released 4 novel sunglasses recently. I can’t help but wonder, what kind of surprise will I get when I start one of Mijia Aviator Sunglasses Pro?

In fact, Mi’s sunglasses have been around a long time ago, and one of them has been used in 18 years, and that sunglasses has always given me a good sense, so I still remember the appearance of that sunglasses, simple, generous. Well, the memory is temporarily terminated, let’s take a look at what exactly is this sunglasses?


First look at the most important part of sunglasses, the lens part. Mijia Pilot Sunglasses Pro uses classic nylon polarized lenses. First of all, nylon material lens is widely used in aerospace equipment and military products. It has the properties of blocking UVA and UVB, and also has the advantages of durability, UV resistance and impact resistance.

In addition, the polarizing film layer on the lens can effectively filter out clutter and scattered light, make the light softer and protect the eyes from glare. In other words, it is more intuitive to wear this pair of sunglasses to see things more clearly under strong light (of course, black and white), and it will not produce dizziness and blur. This is a big gospel for “old drivers” Oh.

For the sake of beauty, the frame of this Mijia aviator sunglasses Pro is made of 304 stainless steel, and the laser engraving integrated molding technology has no welding points on the whole body, even without a screw. With 19g, it will not cause any burden on the bridge of the nose.

At the same time, the entire sunglasses also use the lens and frame full circle embedded technology, visually showing a borderless effect, more stylish and cool.

As for the nose pad, as a direct contact with human body parts, Mijia Pilot Sunglasses Pro uses ultra-comfortable silicone nose pads to ensure good elasticity and abrasion resistance, which better plays a role in damping the nose pad and reducing the burden on the nose bridge. .

The temple of Mijia Pilot Sunglasses Pro is also different from the common temples. It has a diameter of only 1mm, which is soft but sturdy. It is visually tighter to nothing. The minimalism is carried to the end, so that it can be matched with different Face shape, can express cool handsome.

At the same time, it has a much lighter grip than ordinary sunglasses. In short, even if we wear it for a long time, we will not feel a sense of restraint.

Wearing experience

To be honest, this sunglasses is more likely to be worn by cool handsome younger brothers, but the girls do n’t have any sense of discomfort, do n’t believe it?

To sum up

Mijia sunglasses are generally cheaper and more cost-effective, while Mijia pilot sunglasses Pro are minimalist, fashionable and classic. As for how to actually wear it, it is better to take a look at it.

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