ASUS ZenFone 3 Mobile Phone Review-

Interpretation of the five secrets of Asus Zenfone 3


On September 20, 2016, ASUS released the new Zenfone 3 series products in Beijing. From the earliest motherboards, computers to mobile phones, ASUS has always given users a brand image that is as firm as a rock. Asus has never lacked innovation genes, they are always good at integrating the latest technology into their products. This time Zenfone 3 launched a total of four mobile phones. In the increasingly competitive mobile phone market, ASUS has demonstrated its sincerity with a series of new products.

 “Aesthetics, unparalleled learning” is the theme of this ASUS conference, they hope to better integrate technology and fashion through products, and the new Zenfone 3 series products are their answer. The all-metal body and hidden antenna design are our most impressive impressions of the ASUS Zenfone 3. After the press conference, Yuan Shijun, a senior product manager of global mobile phones, accepted an exclusive interview with a number of media including Zhongguancun Online to discuss ASUS Zenfone 3 products in more depth.

Hidden antenna design

 Hiding the antenna is a process of continuous experimentation, which is difficult to achieve. When talking about the design of hidden antennas, Yuan Shijun said that it is not easy. “The new products have more stringent requirements for signal quality than in previous years. Both wireless wifi and radio frequency signal standards are higher than in previous years. In addition, this invisible antenna is not without traces, and physical limits still exist. Its principle and The products with antennas on the back are the same. We just made the antenna position above without affecting the signal. “

 Qualcomm ’s antenna smart switching technology was added to the ASUS Zenfone 3. When the user held the phone to interfere with the antenna, the chip switched the main antenna part to the top. Therefore, the entire metal back cover may be an antenna, which can ensure the stable transmission of signals.

Powerful camera ability

  ASUS developed a three-mix focusing system that integrates phase focusing and laser focusing at the same time, and can focus on a variety of different light scenes. Continuous focus is a three-mix focus developed by the ASUS image processing team. It can continuously capture the moving object in any light source scene, and can accurately focus in various dynamic and static environments. Three-mix autofocus can automatically identify and adjust the focusing method that is most suitable for the current shooting environment through the algorithm during the shooting process, without the user’s adjustment.

I remember that when Asus launched the Zenfone Zoom, it attracted a lot of people’s attention. Optical zoom phones were indeed the needs of many people. This time ASUS added four-axis optical image stabilization to the phone, which can ensure that videos and photos are more clear and stable.

Outstanding visual effects

  VisualMaster is ASUS display technology. The previous two generations of products have already been equipped with ASUS color tuning, high-transmission display bonding technology, and IPS display. Based on these foundations, this year ’s smart use is a brightness of 600 nits. Special IPS screen, on Monarch, we used AMOLED screen for the first time, AMOLED screen color gamut is more than 100%, not only can display all colors that can be seen in nature, even more vivid colors not seen in nature Can also be displayed.

The Tru2Life + technology on the Pride product is actually equipped with a 4K TV-level processing chip. Tru2Life +, a 4K TV-level chip, can refresh 120 million pixels per second on a Full HD screen, and calculate each individual one per second. The correct color and brightness of the pixels should improve the resolution of the picture.

For example, when you think a photo is too bright or too dark, other mobile phones are doing full-frame brightening or full-frame dimming. With Tru2Life + technology, you can adjust the color of each point on the screen. Can get the most natural and vivid colors, as well as higher sharpness and sharpness. Tru2Life + technology can also remove afterimages. It can calculate the position of the second frame according to the two actions of the first Frame and the third Frame. It can fill the part that has not been captured. Let ’s watch the video Extra smooth.

Outdoor reading mode, you can see the outdoor reading mode of other manufacturers on the market, but just increase the brightness of the backlight. Asus outdoor reading mode can avoid the need to increase the white light intensity, but increase the contrast and backlight to achieve Clear outdoor reading effect. Blue light eye protection mode, the eye protection mode of other brands is to reduce all the wavelengths of the light at one time. In comparison, the ASUS blue light filter can minimize the blue light on the screen and reduce eye fatigue without affecting other colors. , To provide realistic images, this is the difference caused by different operating principles behind.

New dual five magnet speakers bring better sound

  Sonic Master sound technology, the sound of the mobile phone is divided into two parts to discuss, the first is the sound effect played, including using headphones, and the second is the sound effect of the call. Sonic Master sound technology has been enhanced on the five elements of volume, sound quality, surround sound effects, voice quality, and noise reduction capabilities. Compared to the previous generation of five-magnet speakers, the new dual-five-magnet speakers are louder and have a thicker bass.

Due to the limitation of volume, usually mobile phones cannot be equipped with speakers with too large sound chambers, and ASUS has achieved the effect of sound quality enhancement by adjusting the internal structure of the speakers. In addition, the double five-magnet speaker will not produce a broken sound when the volume is increased.

NXP Smart Amp Smart Amplifier

NXP Smart Amp smart amplifier is standard for all Zenfone 3 series, with a maximum boost of 9V to enhance sound quality and loudness. The body of the mobile phone is very precise, and the structure of the speaker is very detailed in such a precise body. When driving the speaker with high voltage, the amplitude of the vibration is likely to cause the diaphragm to be damaged. In the case of popping, often the structure of the speaker has caused irreversible damage.

NXP Smart Amp smart chip, can detect the working environment of the mobile phone chip, current, voltage, mobile phone cavity change, temperature change, and even the diaphragm vibration amplitude has reached the boundary of damage, to ensure that it can be achieved without damaging the speaker Maximum output power.

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