Xiaomi QCY T2C TWS BT Wireless Earphones

QCY T2C true wireless Bluetooth headset experience

Video & Audio

QCY T2 adopts Bluetooth 5.0 link scheme. The advantages of Bluetooth 5.0 are not specified. The connection is more stable. It can be directly connected to the mobile phone when it is taken out from the storage box. Of course, the first connection needs to be paired. The earphone adopts one-button control cut song function, dual function button setting, in the music state, one button can be switched to switch up and down and adjust the volume function, and the mobile phone can be controlled without being around. In terms of latency, the QCY T2 delay feels acceptable to me. I only feel a little delay when I am playing the game. I don’t feel obvious when playing the game, and it is the same as most products in the market.

Next, let’s talk about the metaphysical things, sound quality. The analytical strength is quite satisfactory, and the individual feels more vocal, especially the female voice. It is more suitable for the game. In the game, the atmosphere feels stronger and the substitution is good.

Use a period of time to summarize, Bluetooth 5.0, binaural calls, super endurance, some of them have, other configurations are also mainstream configuration, cost is very high, work is not bad, then look at this price , buy a good deal!

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