Android Tablets vs iPads: Which Worth Buying?

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An Android tablet is a tablet computer equipped with Google’s Android operating system. ipad is a tablet computer series released by Apple in 2010, positioned between Apple’s smartphone iPhone and laptop products.

There are three most common operating systems for tablet personal computers, namely Windows operating system, Android operating system, and iOS operating system. The Windows operating system is specially designed for personal computers, not for tablets. The fluency and compatibility of the system are very general, but it can be compatible with Windows applications, but Windows tablets generally have low configuration and may not be smooth when playing large games.

Regardless of the combination of software and hardware or the experience of use, it cannot meet the demanding requirements of users. The Windows operating system has a good foundation, but it can’t bring out the corresponding potential of the tablet. The two operating systems that are popular on the market are android tablets and iPad.

The biggest difference between android tablets and iPad is the operating system, the specific differences:

Android is an open-source mobile phone operating system based on the Linux platform released by Google at the end of 2007. The Android system is a very open system. It is an operating system developed specifically for mobile devices. It can not only implement the most commonly used laptop functions for users but also achieve the same experience as a mobile phone. Due to the openness of the Android system, many wireless application companies will launch multiple application products with different functions. With the gradual increase of users and applications, the market share of the Android system is also increasing.

iOS is an operating system developed by Apple for its products. With the launch of the iPad, it is also regarded as the most suitable operating system for tablet personal computers. The touch operation of iOS is very popular with people. Users use multi-touch on the interface to directly operate, and the control methods include sliding, tapping switches and buttons, etc. Interaction with the system includes sliding, tapping, squeezing and rotating, etc. . The iOS operating system is very smooth, and the apple store has a huge number of third-party applications. But its shortcomings are also very obvious. First of all, the iOS operating system does not support flash. For example, web flash games cannot run, which will affect the use of users. The iOS operating system does not support multi-threading technology, which is difficult for traditional users to accept. It is very easy to judge the quality of iOS. If you are a user of Apple products, the iPad is definitely the best. And if you are a traditional user and need to accept Apple’s philosophy to adapt to its model, the iPad may not be the best choice.

The Android tablet is more usable, supports the use of USB devices, and is more convenient in terms of data transmission. It is easy to transfer files through the USB interface. Android is an open platform that allows third-party plug-ins to access, not only can install various applications, but also can easily open Office and PDF files. Relatively speaking, the compatibility is better.

iPad is Apple’s IOS system, and Apple’s mobile phone is the same system, and the system is closed, the software can only be downloaded from Apple’s official store. iPad adopts ARM architecture and cannot be compatible with ordinary desktop computer and laptop programs. It can be used for office by installing the iWork suite provided by Apple, and Office and PDF files can be previewed and edited by third-party software. iPad needs special iTunes software to realize file transfer and synchronization, which is troublesome to operate.

Apple iPad has a simple user interface, sharp display effect, sensitive touch screen, ipad has a relatively high resolution, very clear and delicate picture quality, and the presentation of picture quality is more gorgeous.

Apple iPad implements strict sales channel prices and never sells at a discount. The price of an Android tablet is usually $200 lower than an iPad with the same configuration, and there are more Android tablet providers, so there will be discounts in the market.

Apple iPad is much better than Android tablet in terms of battery life. It is possible that Android tablet is equipped with a USB interface, and the hardware it carries is relatively power-intensive.

The iPad app is relatively expensive. Apple has opened its own App Store and has more restrictions on the review of Apple apps. In terms of application downloads, Android tablets are much better than iPads because Google does not interfere with developers.

The comparison of Android tablets and iPads is essentially asymmetrical. Simply put, iPads can do most of the things better than android tablets, but android tablets can do many things that iPad can’t.

After reading the above content, do you have the answer in your mind? Will you buy Android Tablets or iPads?

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