What Is A Tablet PC?

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Tablet PC is also called Tablet Personal Computer. It is a small and portable personal computer. Tablet PC has a wireless network communication function. It does not need to use a traditional keyboard or mouse as an input device. It has a touch screen. Enter text or graphics on the touch screen, or enter text through the on-screen soft keyboard or voice recognition. The tablet computer was proposed by Bill Gates. It should support chip architectures from Intel, AMD, and ARM. It has a simple appearance like a mobile phone, but its length and width are larger than traditional mobile phones and smaller than laptops. Normally, it can easily put in a lady’s handbag. It has the same functions as a computer and is called the terminator of laptops. It is smaller than most laptops, but the size and weight are much larger than mobile phones. It is more suitable for reading e-books and files, watching videos, etc.

In appearance, the tablet PC has a separate thicker LCD screen, generally using an LCD screen smaller than 10.4 inches, and the display screen can be rotated at will.

The LCD screen of the tablet PC has touch recognition functions, handwriting recognition input functions, and powerful voice recognition and gesture recognition functions. It also supports users to use a stylus or a physical keyboard.

Tablets are closer to smartphones with large memory and cannot make calls. The tablet PC can transfer its use place at any time, which is convenient to use on business trips. It has more mobile flexibility than the laptop, and the desktop computer is convenient to use at home.

Tablet computers usually have a long battery life of more than 8 hours, which is difficult for laptops to achieve, and only a few commercial and military laptops can achieve it.

The early use of touch technology has low recognition. Choosing a stylus to increase recognition has become the mainstream. In the iPad era, users can touch the screen with their fingers to become the new mainstream.

Most tablets can be held in the hands of the user while standing and in a meeting. The size and weight are also smaller than most laptops, making it easier to carry.

However, tablet personal computers also have shortcomings. The text input speed is slow. The current tablet computer virtual keyboard cannot completely replace the traditional physical keyboard. When using a tablet computer, the user will bow his head for a long time, which will cause a certain burden on the user’s cervical spine and eyesight and the arm holding the tablet personal computer.

There are three most common operating systems for tablet personal computers, namely Windows operating system, Android operating system, and iOS operating system. The operating system is a computer program that manages computer hardware and software resources. It also provides an operating interface for users to operate the software. Different operating systems have various advantages and disadvantages. If you want to learn more about the operating system and its impact on the user experience, please click here to continue to understand.

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