You will be satisfied with these 3 creative stationery

Computer & Stationery

Stationery is the tool we are most familiar with. Whether you are a student, a teacher or an employee, your daily work  always inseparable from them. Some jobs and studies are boring, but you can’t escape. so you need some creative stationery that may add some color to your life.

Creative pencil case

You must have never thought that the pencil case can be so cute.these new creative eggplant pencil bag and corn silicone pencil bag looks like common vegetables. The appearance of eggplant and corn looks attractive, which Adds a touch of color to your boring life. They are not only a stationery that is popular with students, but also an excellent office product .They can store your pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and small stationery .which make your work convenient. These pencil case made of high quality materials for durability and long life. It is not only suitable for your own use, but also a gift for your child.

New creative student eggplant pencil case

Corn silicone pencil bag creative large capacity

Novelty Banana Eraser

I don’t recommend this Novelty Banana Eraser  to primary school students.Because it’s too cute and fun, which makes it hard for children to concentrate on learning in class. These erasers have a lovely banana look and a funny expression. It can be separated from the peel easily,and remove the wrong lines cleanly. If you are looking for a beautiful eraser, they are a good choice for you. It is not just a stationery, but also a toy for your relaxation. It is suitable for middle school students, teachers, and office workers.

Sketch Drawing Board Tracing Light Pad

Have you regretted that you haven’t studied sketches since childhood? Are you worried you don’t have enough time and energy to learn professional sketch art ? If you really want to do something, it is never too old to learn. Your purpose is not Become a professional painter but to relax and get happy, isn’t it? So this Drawing Board Tracing Ligh is perfect for you. It is suitable for beginner who learning drawing and cartoon painting. This painting board uses PMMA optical coating for high visibility and greatly reduced shadow. With this painting board, you will no longer be limited to drawing on translucent paper.and you can use it in ceramics, fabrics, watercolor paper, wood, etc.Provide more possibilities for your creative work! When used with an application, you get a lot of image resources. Extracting outlines, dynamically adjusting colors, etc., will help you during use. Designed for amateurs, this product is the perfect gift for students and kids, and the perfect tool for relaxation and interest.

Indraw Sketch Drawing Board Tracing Light Pad with APP Artifact for Beginners Students Kids Sketching Drawing Animation

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