How to Take Care of Your Tablet?

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When you buy a tablet PC, I believe you must be happy in your heart. If you don’t use it for a period of time, just leave it in a random place and ignore it for a long time, which is unfriendly to it. , Its useful life will be shortened. After all, it takes a lot of money to buy a tablet PC. We should take good care of it so that it can serve us for a longer time. So, do you know how to take care of a tablet PC?

The problem of heat generation, in the process of using the tablet PC, various electronic components inside it will generate heat, causing the body and screen to heat up. The battery also heats up when the tablet PC is running. When running relatively large applications, such as large-scale games, the tablet PC will generate a lot of power consumption, which will inevitably generate a lot of heat. It is recommended to stop midway and let the tablet PC rest for a period of time. Another situation is that there are too many programs running in the background, which will also cause the tablet PC to heat up. You can stop some unnecessary programs that are running or clean up unnecessary programs in the background.

The tablet PC is designed to be very thin and does not have a heat sink. If the body of the tablet PC is overheated, it will slow down the response of the tablet PC, even burn the CPU and affect the life of the internal hardware of the tablet PC. Therefore, during use, we should not place the tablet PC on soft objects, such as a bed or sofa, as it may block the heat dissipation holes and affect the heat dissipation effect. It is normal for the tablet PC to heat up during normal use. It is recommended not to use it in a place where the outdoor temperature is relatively high, and not to use it in a place directly exposed to the sun, so as to avoid excessive temperature and affect the life of the hardware. In addition to the above, it is best to turn off the tablet PC when charging. Because the circuit board of the tablet PC will heat up during the charging process, the current may increase instantaneously and cause damage to the internal parts of the tablet PC.

Need to take good care of the LCD screen of the tablet PC, a perfect screen will bring a good visual experience and user experience to the user. Breaking the LCD screen due to accidental drops or collisions accounts for the majority of tablet PC failures. What’s more unfortunate is that all tablet PC manufacturers do not provide a warranty for cracked LCD screens, but directly replace an LCD screen with a new LCD. The cost of the screen is very expensive, about one-third to one-half of the price of a tablet PC. Therefore, it is very important to prevent the tablet PC from accidentally falling and colliding. Do not put metal objects such as keys with the tablet PC at ordinary times, which will easily leave scratches on the LCD screen, and do not put chemicals together with the tablet PC. Chemicals have a corrosive effect.

Anti-dust and moisture-proof, when the tablet PC accumulates dust, you can use a small brush to clean the gap, and use a mini vacuum cleaner to suck the dust in the gap. When the tablet PC is turned off, use a cotton cloth moistened with computer cleaner to gently wipe the surface of the tablet PC until the dust on the surface of the tablet PC is removed. In the rainy season, the home will be humid, the tablet PC is also prone to damp, the internal parts of the damp are more likely to deteriorate, we can take the initiative to bring our beloved tablet PC with a leather case and stick a protective film on its screen The leather case is equivalent to wearing a jacket for the tablet. The price of the leather case is not expensive, but it can protect the tablet PC, prevent dust, and can also be waterproof. In addition, it can reduce the loss of the tablet PC when it is dropped or collided.

Batteries are easily damaged, and tablet PCs have increasingly entered ordinary households. However, the tablet PC battery is a vulnerable part, and how to maintain it has become the most troublesome problem for many users. The following are some suggestions for battery maintenance:

Use the original charger to charge, if not, please replace it. Frequent use of non-original chargers is not conducive to the maintenance of the mobile phone battery and will reduce the battery life.

Pay attention to timely charging. The battery is a very important accessory. We all have a habit. We often think of charging when it is exhausted. This is not good for the battery. The battery can be charged after 10%, 20%, or the remaining power It can be charged at 50%.

Even if the tablet PC is not in use, it must be charged once a month.

If the tablet PC is used while charging, the power consumption and heat of the tablet PC will increase significantly. This situation is not conducive to the maintenance of the battery, and this operation is not recommended.

The above is the way to maintain the tablet PC, have you learned it? If you follow the above method to take care of your tablet PC, it will serve you for a long time.

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