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Support for offline hard drive copying Orico’s new 8628 series hard drive base is released

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Due to the increasing availability of HDTV HD film sources, large-capacity data copy transmissions are often required. Therefore, products such as plug-in hard disk drives or removable hard disk cartridges are used to facilitate copying or transferring data. ORICO released its new feature storage device, SATA hard disk conversion device ORICO 8628 series – 2BAY SATA HDD DOCKING STATION, its most essential role is to convert two 3.5 and 2.5 SATA hard drives to USB2.0/USB3.0/ eSATA interface to improve its read and write speed. As an external conversion product, it is a very good choice for users and players with special needs!

The internationally renowned fever storage brand Orico (www.Orico.com.cn) introduced a dual-disc Hard Drives Accessories base, model ORICO 8628SUSJ/SUSC/US3, three models will not correspond to different product specifications and output interfaces! The models and functions correspond to the following:


— ORICO 8628SUSC=USB2.0+ESATA+Clone (offline clone)

— ORICO 8628US3 = ​​USB3.0

The Orico 8628SUSC is designed in a silver/black color scheme. It is beautiful/fashionable, and Orico has always done a good job. This hard drive seat is classic in appearance and performance! You can use it to connect to a high-definition player and enjoy a variety of high-definition movies. You can also use it to enjoy the data transfer/backup on your computer. I believe this hard drive will be your best choice!

Orico 8628SUSC is an upgraded version of 8618SUS. Supports 2.5/3.5-inch dual-slot plug-in SATA tool-free hard disk drive. It takes humanized technology considerations and reduces the cumbersome hard disk installation procedure. Data transmission and file interactive backup are fast and convenient.

Transmitting via USB or eSATA interface provides more flexible connection of external devices to your computer, whether it is 2.5″ or 3.5″ SATA devices, no need for cumbersome installation, you can use the hard disk directly into the slot, and Support plug and play hot swap. It can read two hard disks at the same time, which is easy and convenient to expand your hard disk storage capacity, and data access backup is more convenient. With a power supply included in the product to facilitate the supply of independent power required by the device, you can avoid the doubts about the power supply. ORICO can always meet your needs for new and sophisticated functions. The 8628SUSc dual-bay hard drive bay is definitely the best tool for your data storage.

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