USB 3.0 Portable Ultra Slim External CD-RW DVD-RW

Is the recorder, but also the sound card, so the wonderful configuration is practical?

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Digital IT products are never lacking in creativity. It seems that only you can’t think of it, nothing can’t be done. Some products that seem to be out of the way can also be brought together by some manufacturers with ideas. I recently started a very amazing burner, which integrates a 7.1-channel sound card. Yes, you didn’t get it wrong. This USB 3.0 Portable Ultra from the first-line manufacturer is a DVD burner and a USB external sound card.

Although the two-in-one function of the recorder + sound card is somewhat unexpected, it is still a very practical product for me who has a backup habit and is also a music lover. I carry a dual-system tablet with me on my daily routine and walk between home and work. Although the performance of the tablet is not very strong, but it is expensive and compact, some simple work of code words can still be competent. However, the sound of the external sound and the output of the headphones is really bad. While I was thinking about adding an external sound card to the dual system tablet, I found this USB 3.0 Portable Ultra, and also solved my daily important file backup and music CD burning.

From the price of 799, it seems that it is not too cheap. Calculate the ordinary external DVD burner is about 150~200 yuan, ASUS’s external USB sound card and SDRW-S1 LITE function similar to U5, u7 are also in the six or seven hundred yuan. To calculate the USB 3.0 Portable Ultra in this way is still relatively affordable, and it is not much more expensive than a separate external sound card, but there is another burner. Of course, the premise is that you need to burn + external sound card.

The first impression I gave to the Computer Peripherals USB 3.0 Portable Ultra was still more like an external recorder, but the volume knob on the right side made it stand out. As a two-in-one product, it is much more powerful than a traditional external recorder, but its weight is not too heavy to carry out without much pressure. It’s just that the external power supply will be a bit cumbersome, and it would be better if it could be designed as a built-in power supply. The external power supply is from the word-of-mouth manufacturer Delta, and I have to endure such a high-quality external power supply.

From the appearance of the USB 3.0 Portable Ultra workman’s overall rules and regulations, work is also should have a standard. The black color of the whole body and a little silver embellishment reveals a simple technological beauty, and the silver part is the function of the outer species. At the top of the fuselage, the details of the wire drawing process were also processed, and the plastic body was decorated with a metallic taste. Make the overall visual beauty more three-dimensional.

The feeling of using USB 3.0 Portable Ultra is still good. The quality of the recording is satisfactory, and the performance of the sound card can be obviously improved compared with the desktop or notebook. But the burning and sound card functions it has are only placed in a box, and the integration of the two needs to be improved. If you can add independent music CD playback on this basis and pronounce it through the built-in amp, the playability will be greatly improved. In my opinion, SDRW-S1 LITE is more suitable for the user group of ultra-thin, dual-system tablet with high sound and recording requirements. It is also a relatively inexpensive 7.1 multi-channel source. If you have physical multi-channel headphones or active speakers in your hand, the USB 3.0 Portable Ultra can provide a more realistic sound.

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