Xiaomi Youpin launches Haylou smartwatch

Xiaomi Youpin launches Haylou smartwatch

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Nowadays, wearable devices are becoming more and more popular. Whether it is a smart bracelet or a smart watch, there is a tendency for people to have one. From the perspective of entry options, buying a bracelet is a more expensive option. However, the bracelet generally lacks a screen. To view detailed sports information, you need to connect to the APP. It is not convenient to use a watch. The Haylou LS01 smart watch, which was recently crowdfunded on Xiaomi Youpin, sells for only $ 27.69, making it a good choice for entry.

The body of the Haylou LS01 smart watch has a rounded rectangular design, and is equipped with a 1.3-inch wide color gamut high-brightness screen. The body weighs 34g, and I believe there will be no stress when worn all day. Supports nine exercise modes, which can scientifically detect every exercise you make.

In addition to a more comprehensive exercise recording mode, Haylou smart watches with built-in heart rate sensors also support real-time heart rate detection throughout the day. After you go to sleep at night, it will automatically record your sleep state and convert it into data to help you adjust your sleep habits.

Thanks to the screen blessing, Haylou can also act as your phone’s “secondary screen”, and you can view new messages directly on your watch after connecting to the phone. Haylou also has a certain degree of dustproof and waterproof performance. It is no problem to wear hands and swim, but the official reminds to remember to dry the water to prolong its service life.

This Haylou LS01 smart watch has over 10,000 people in Xiaomi’s official website crowdfunding. It seems that its excellent cost performance of $ 27.69 still attracts a lot of consumers. If you also want to get an entry-level smart watch in the near future, Haylou smart watch is a good choice.

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