Brief introduction of OVEVO Q65 Bluetooth headset

Brief introduction of OVEVO Q65 Bluetooth headset

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A headset, whether you want to wear it, first depends on the comfort of the ear. The design principle of OVEVO Q65 in terms of wearing comfort comes from collecting the internal structure data of the auricles of 500,000 people around the world to ensure as much comfort as possible.

In-ear angle plus custom rugby ear caps for comfort and stability.

OVEVO Q65 stands out among many wireless headphones. Of course, the nirvana is its outstanding sound quality. The professional audio engineer’s evaluation is that the tri-band resolution is exceptionally clear. I feel the layering only in HIFI wired headphones. On the sky, the mid-range is full, and the generosity of the bass from the diaphragm is more than enough. The professional audio engineer recommends sending it to Japan for Hi-res certification immediately after evaluation, and thinks that the Q65 sound quality won this certification.

OVEVO Q65 has IPX7 waterproof certification, which can double the life of Q65. Market research shows that a large part of the music Bluetooth headset is the circuit board eroded by sweat.

OVEVO Q65 touch simple operation design

Click: Pause / Resume;

Double click: previous / next song;

Triple-tap: Launch Siri or Voice Assistant.

Simple and practical, perfect experience.

The OVEVO Q65 headphones can play songs continuously for 6 hours (with the playback volume at 60%), and the built-in battery in the storage box charges the headphones twice. Counting the storage box power, you can use the headset for 18 hours.

OVEVO Q65 uses Bluetooth 5.0 chip + FPC antenna design, the signal is strong, no matter how to use it will not be stuck, the game sound synchronization zero delay.

OVEVO Q65 is full of technological sense of blue breathing light, shiny translucent storage box, slim show knotless lanyard … every detail reflects the original design.

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