Xiaomi Youpin JISULIFE Wireless Air Humidifier Review

Xiaomi Youpin JISULIFE Wireless Air Humidifier Review

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The dryness and dehydration of the body’s skin is one of the most headaches for everyone throughout the year, especially during the autumn and winter seasons, when the air humidity continues to decline, and when air conditioning / heating is turned on, it will evaporate a lot of water.

Studies show that air-conditioning / heating can “stolen” more than 50 liters of water in a room for 24 hours. Some of this water comes from the air, and the other is taken from your body.

Living in such an environment, the most obvious is that the skin becomes tight, dry and dull, applying makeup powder, peeling and dandruff, and not losing a dry apple, it is very scary!

In addition to dry skin, it will cause a variety of physical problems, not only dry cough, hoarseness, and sore throat, but also fever, flu, and respiratory diseases. It will have a huge impact on susceptible people such as children and the elderly.

It’s time to hydrate yourself, this JISULIFE Wireless Air Humidifier is your first choice

It can adjust the amount of fog in two modes and automatically fog out for 12 hours, moisturizing your life in an all-round way, so that your body can always “drink water”.

Wireless and portable! Built-in battery for dual use

Humidifiers on the market basically use power cords, which not only restricts the occasions for use, but also clutters the desktop, which is neither convenient nor beautiful.

In order to break the traditional limitations, the designers of Jisu have devoted all their efforts to develop this innovative upgrade, which will open the mountain humidifier of the new era of “infinite” humidification.

It has a built-in 3600mAh rechargeable battery, which completely shakes off the shackles of the power cord. Once fully charged, it can continue to humidify for 12 hours, giving you a moisturizing companion from morning to night.

Whether it ’s chasing dramas on the sofa, playing games, resting or sleeping in bed, or even hanging out with family and friends, with this JISULIFE Wireless Air Humidifier, you can always replenish your water whenever you want. It is a must-have for daily life.

In addition, it can support on-board charging in the car. Whether you are driving to work or traveling, you can replenish the moisture absorbed by the car air conditioner. The air is wet and the eyes are not dry. Even the driving mood becomes pleasant. stand up.

The wireless net weight is less than 1 kg, and it is only about 2 kg when filled with water. It is very flexible to place. Not only can it be placed on the table or the bedside, but it can also be held directly in your arms, providing you with a moisturizing and close guard.

In addition, it can change the mobile charging treasure in seconds, and recharge your battery anytime, anywhere. It can both charge and humidify.

Its interface can also be connected with USB-type small appliances, which can be used in the summer with a small fan, which is cool and moist; when used with an electric heater in the winter, it is warm and moisturizing; it continues to bring double enjoyment to your body and mind.

In order to support 12-hour operation, it is specially equipped with a large-capacity water tank with a capacity of 1000 mL. It only needs to add water once to continuously humidify. It is good news for lazy cancer patients to say goodbye to frequent water additions.

It has a small body and a large capacity. It only needs to be filled once with water to obtain a continuously moisturizing environment, making your work more efficient and life more interesting.

Nano water mist! The amount of surging mist sprayed from the double spray ports

Experiments show that when the relative humidity is 40% -50%, the human body feels most comfortable, and it is not easy to cause disease. If the humidity is too low, it will immediately feel uncomfortable, and those with rhinitis and asthma will have a deeper experience.

In response to this problem, the JISULIFE Wireless Air Humidifier deliberately uses nano-level atomization technology to atomize water into nano-level fine particles, so that the sprayed water mist is as fine as smoke, ensuring that the air humidity is maintained at an appropriate level.

The independently controlled dual spray port design is the same level of humidifier on the market. It can independently adjust according to the weather and environmental humidity, which perfectly meets the relative humidity requirements of ordinary people and working areas.

In weekdays, using the single spray port mode, the 35mL / h mist volume can quickly spread, and the water mist can easily humidify the entire room. When the weather is dry, using the dual spray port mode, the 70mL / h large mist volume can quickly alleviate the drying, and the humidification efficiency is as high as 99%, nourishing the space more easily.

When you go to work, put it next to your computer and let it quietly moisturize your face. Use it for 2-3 hours every day. After one week, you will find that your cheek can squeeze out water.

When you are at home, use it to humidify the room, and you can spray a large amount of fog as you want. In less than 2 hours, the humidity of the room is increased several times, and it is easy to save the indoor dryness and enjoy a moist life.

In addition, most humidifiers do not have the function of purifying water!

This mountain rhyme humidifier uses a high-density cotton filter element to allow each water molecule to be purified and filtered, effectively removing impurities in the water, blocking the breeding of bacteria, and ensuring that the spray of water spray is always fresh and pure.

The filter element is used in conjunction with the humidification function to purify the air to a certain extent. The cleaned air is as fresh and natural as the mountain forest after the rain, allowing you to breathe every breath as if you are in a forest oxygen bar.

The filter function of the humidifier depends on the formation of water droplets. Put your hand on the mist outlet for 10 seconds. As long as there are no water droplets, it is a reliable humidifier.

Personal test, put your hand on the mist outlet for 1 minute, and wipe it with a paper towel, it did not get wet at all, it can be seen that the quality of the mountain rhyme humidifier is very good.

The air quality has been improved, and even the elderly and children can feel more at ease. Stay in the room and breathe fresh and fresh air. Goodbye to dust germs and health can be guaranteed.

Turn on the air conditioner / heater in the future, no longer have to worry about drying, put it on the bedside, you can moisturize all night, wake up the next day the body no longer lacks water, tastes dry, and the whole person is full of energy ,very comfortable.

Safe and reliable! Comfortable sleep, silent power saving

Most humidifiers on the market do not have perfect safety settings themselves. Even after the stored water is used, they will continue to work, resulting in dry burning and fire, which will cause fires and other accidents.

In terms of safety, Shanyun humidifier, built-in smart chip, and probe detection to ensure safety during use. When the water level is lower than the position of the probe, it will automatically cut off the power to prevent water shortage and dry burning, which will prevent potential safety hazards. , And extend the service life.

When you go to bed at night, you do n’t need to worry about staying open all night. Setting up double protection will give you double peace of mind and let you sleep peacefully.

It uses a DC silent atomizing film. When it is running, the sound is only 25 decibels, which is lower than the noise of mosquitoes. No matter whether it is a lunch break or sleeping at night, its companion will not disturb the slightest.

Not only comfortable, but also more power-saving, only 3W low power, even if it is on for 24 hours, it only uses 2 kWh in a month, which is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly ~

It is no problem to use it in the dormitory. It will not delay the use of other electrical appliances. In addition, the wireless portable design allows you to enjoy moisturizing while lying in bed.

It is authoritatively certified by a professional organization, its quality is fully qualified, and its products are guaranteed. Pregnant women, the elderly, and babies can use it with confidence.

Fashion value! Humanistic aesthetics

“Your world is bigger than the world”, the designer of Jisu Technology puts the user experience first, combined with the simple and natural life aesthetics, bringing each product to those who love life, this mountain humidifier Is one of the hot products.

The frosted body feels smooth and smooth, and the white appearance is matched with the rose gold mountain-shaped decoration, giving a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere surrounded by mountains and mists. No matter where it is placed in the home, it is a high-end and luxurious artwork.

Such a simple, elegant and aesthetic design has won a patent certificate, which is full of gold.

The humidifier can be opened with a simple peel. The water tank is open and open. Each corner can be directly wiped with hands. Daily cleaning is as simple as wiping a water cup, which will give you a healthier breath.

Once it was launched, it won the hearts of countless people, and also received a lot of praise, and its reputation burst.

Humidifiers of the same type on the market generally cost more than $ 50, and must use a power cord, which is extremely restrictive and very troublesome.

This wireless and portable mountain rhyme humidifier not only has a large amount of fog, but also is quiet and comfortable. It only needs 24.90 US dollars. The price of a lipstick can help you have hydration and moisturizing at any time. Kind of trouble.

Recommended reason:

1) For more than 30 years, the old Korean brand has good quality and high value. It can boil water in 5 minutes and keep it at 40 ℃ -80 ℃.

2) Compact as a thermos mug, it is easy to carry on business trips and travels.

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