Xiaomi Mijia IH Electric Rice Cooker is your best cooking partner

Smart Device & Safety

In our daily life, I am most familiar with the brand of Xiaomi. In addition to mobile phones, computers, smart devices, outdoor sports products, Xiaomi also plays an important role in smart home appliances. This Xiaomi Mijia IH Electric Rice Cooker is a typical example. Xiaomi’s products are ubiquitous and more expensive than similar products from other brands. So what is special about this rice cooker?

Xiaomi Mijia IH Electric Rice Cooker 4L

Using IH technology

Many high-end rice cookers use a technology called “IH”, which is actually “IH electromagnetic heating technology. This technology refers to the electromagnetic heating of the bottom and surrounding of the rice cooker liner, that is, all-dimensional heating. The rice grains cooked by this technique are expanded and soft, it is used to simulate the traditional firewood.

Safety non-stick material

The inner liner is the key to determining the taste of rice, as is the rice cooker IH rice cooker. It uses a 3mm thick flame thick kettle, which has higher heat transfer than ordinary rice cooker liner. The rice grains in the rice cooker are heated faster and more evenly, ensuring that the cooked rice tastes better. The inner shell of Mijia IH rice cooker uses Dajin PFA non-stick powder coating, which has the characteristics of high wear resistance, easy to fall off and easy to clean. The PFA food grade anti-stick coating is very uniform and fine. At the same time, it can more effectively solve the problem that the ordinary rice cooker rice sticky pot is difficult to clean.

Xiaomi Mijia IH Electric Rice Cooker 4L Non-sticky Pan

User-friendly APP settings

The internal design is very user-friendly, and it is possible to cook rice and steamed vegetables at the same time. Energy use is very environmentally friendly and saves time. With the proprietary APP, you can control the rice cooker with your mobile phone. Therefore, this rice cooker IH rice cooker is not just a traditional rice cooker, it is more like a universal cooking artifact.In addition, Mijia IH rice cooker with Changling sensitive temperature probe can effectively sense the temperature of rice. In the cooking process, the cooking temperature is matched with the top probe and the bottom sensor to realize the temperature control inside the pot, and the cooking process is strictly controlled at each stage. Firepower, even ordinary rice grains can become sweet and full.

Xiaomi Mijia IH Electric Rice Cooker 4L Non-sticky Pan with Menu App


Xiaomi Mijia IH rice cooker is a real intelligent IH rice cooker. Smart cooking gives you a better experience, leads smart life, and makes cooking fun! You will be interested in this smart cooking device.

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