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Recently, Xiaomi Mijia released the upgraded version of the Mijia electric scooter, the Mijia electric scooter Pro. It was officially opened at 10 am today, priced at 2,799 yuan. Compared with the previous generation, the Mijia electric scooter Pro has two upgrade points: longer battery life, up to 45 kilometers, 50% higher than the previous generation’s 30 kilometers. The power is more powerful, equivalent to 6 times the walking speed, and the upgrade rate is 20%. We also received this car and had a simple experience.

The appearance of the Mijia Electric Scooter Pro is consistent with the previous generation, simple and exquisite. With excellent design, the Mijia electric scooter won the 2017 Red Dot Best Design Award and the 2017 Japan Good Design 100 Best Award.

The handlebar is equipped with a multi-function control panel and the panel has only one control button. Short press to turn on the vehicle, long press to turn off the vehicle, short press to turn on/off the light in the power on state, and press the switch twice in the power on state to switch the speed mode. Easy to operate, the cost of getting started is extremely low.

The Mijia Electric Scooter Pro has three speed modes: Energy Saver Mode (ECO), Standard Mode (D), and Sport Mode (S) to handle different riding environments. The battery and the speed are displayed on the control panel.

After the upgrade, the Mijia Electric Vehicle Pro is equipped with a 18650 power lithium battery with a battery capacity of 474Wh. High-rate and high-power supply, which is reflected in the riding experience is speeding up directly. The cruising range is 45 kilometers, while the previous generation’s cruising range is 30 kilometers and the battery life is increased by 50%.

The tail lights the warning light, and when the brake handle is pressed, the light will flash continuously to alert the rear vehicle.
The thumb is held by the accelerator button, and the more the press, the faster the ergonomic design and the simple operation logic.

The installation is very simple. There are 4 screws in the front handle. When you use it for the first time, tighten the 4 screws. Other parts do not need to be installed by yourself. A wrench and spare screws are included in the package.

Double brake system consisting of front wheel E-ABS anti-lock + rear wheel ventilated disc brake system.

The front can be folded, and the folding operation can be completed by one button and one button.

After folding, it is easy to put the Mijia electric scooter Pro into the trunk of the car.

The whole vehicle weighs 14.2KG and is easier to carry.

The front and rear wheels are 8.5-inch pneumatic tires with good shock absorption and road adaptability. Most of the road surface can be easily passed.

Actual experience, in the case of 4 grids (full grid 5 grids), the maximum speed in ECO mode is 15km/h, and the maximum speed in S mode is 25km/h. The acceleration is very fast, and it is not recommended to use the S mode in a traffic environment with more pedestrians.

In addition, the Mijia electric scooter Pro can connect to the mobile phone APP for firmware upgrade, switch lock, riding data monitoring, and cruise control settings. At present, Mijia Electric Scooter Pro displays the status of “arrival notice” in Xiaomi Mall. The current volume is small, and interested users should continue to pay attention to Xiaomi Mall.

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