FIIDO D1 electric bicycle experience: suitable for short-distance travel

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I believe that many people, like the small editors, have long been fed up with the morning and evening peaks in the crowded subway, and even meat with others, and then choose other ways to travel, such as electric cars, shared bicycles, electric bicycles, Balance cars, electric scooters and more.

However, the smaller the squat, the less lightweight the vehicle is, the more difficult it is to control and the more dangerous it is. Today, Small editor first talks about electric bicycles that are in between the size and the weight of the car:

Everyone will have this kind of trouble: dragging a bulky big electric car is hard to find in a parking lot where water is not available. Or maybe, when you want to go out in the wilderness, but think about the lack of exercise, you suddenly ride on the 7th, 8km to go to the countryside to dispel the idea.

Can a portable collapsible electric bicycle solve many similar problems? It can be folded and placed in the office, the room and the trunk of the car; when the pedals are tired, twisting the handles will automatically power up. Don’t worry about sudden lack of electricity. After all, it is also a bicycle. You can step back on the pedals.

The small editor experienced a folding electric bike FIIDO D1 for everyone:

1.Simple and lightweight design:

In short, FIIDO D1 hidden battery and simple and generous body design Small editor give praise. It weighs 18kg and is made of aluminum alloy. According to official data, D1 can withstand 150kg. In addition, the D1 is small, and it is recommended to manually adjust the height of the car body for the first time, which makes the ride more comfortable.

2.The main foldable detail design:

Foldable body: FIIDO has three folds in the middle of the car, the front and the seat, and two locks: quick lock and safety buckle for added safety. After being completely folded, it is 65cm high and 75cm wide, and it can be placed without any pressure on the wall.

Left hand handle: includes a stand for placing the mobile phone (which can be used for GPS navigation or even for phone calls), a switch for controlling the lights, a push button for switching the riding mode, a push-type horn button, and a left-hand hand brake. However, after the small test ride, I found that although there are screws to adjust the position, it may be the reason of the inherent proportion. No matter how you adjust, there are always two modules that are not suitable for the position: you need to work hard to touch when you want to control it. It is not very friendly to users with small hands.

Right side handle: Includes screen for displaying power (for easy viewing of remaining battery capacity. But compared to Xiaomi riding, you can display: Today’s mileage, today’s consumption ratio, FIIDO can only show the remaining power is slightly inferior), the main power switch (equipped Key), half-turn accelerometer and right-hand handbrake.

The detachable basket is made of nylon bag, which is convenient for storage and very creative. However, because it is bonded to the frame by Velcro, the bearing capacity is not large, and it is only suitable for loading light-weight objects. The last batch of three bottles of 550ml ml of Nongfu Springs bag has dropped QAQ.

Equipped with LED lights, the lighting of the car lights is generally bright, the light is dark, and the naked eye experience is not very comfortable.

In terms of detail design: D1 can only be said to be quite satisfactory, although it is slightly rough in some aspects, but after all, the price is still extenuating. In addition, it is better to record the riding data with the app.

3.Ingenious performance aspects:

Here I am going to simple science and what is electric power: knocking on the blackboard

Simply put, the electric assist technology is to analyze the rider’s pedaling force and output appropriate power to assist the rider to ride. Different from the Xiaomi riding electric bicycle, the electric power is assisted by “magnifying” the pedaling force. According to Xiaodian’s electric assist mode, it does not have the ability to ride according to my pedaling force or speed. Pre-judgment, only when the speed is very slow, the pedal will suddenly give a force, FIIDO’s boost is relatively sudden, not very good control.

The FIIDO D1 has three modes: riding mode, electric assist mode and electric mode.
In the riding mode: D1 is an ordinary bicycle, but riding is not as good as ordinary bicycle: because of the small size of the wheel, riding is not stable, and it is very laborious.

The difference between other electric bicycles on the market is that the FIIDO D1 has more electric power-assisted mode, which means that it has the feeling of “it can be rushed without much effort.” The fly in the ointment is that the electric power is relatively “sudden”. Be careful when using this mode.

To give praise is FIIDO’s pure power mode: Xiaomi is not, in the electric mode, you can completely liberate your feet, and control the speed by turning the inside of the right handlebar (the maximum speed of D1 in electric mode is 25km/ h).

Endurance ability is generally: Small editor commute to work on weekdays (about 1 hour per day to work), the charging frequency is about once a day.

In short, in terms of riding performance: Because D1 has manpower, electric power and pure power three modes, D1 has both the light and simple shape of the bicycle, and can liberate the feet like an electric car, but it is worth noting that electricity The force of the assist mode is relatively sudden, which makes it difficult to control.

Brake: D1 uses disc brakes. Disc brakes are designed for off-road situations: they can cope with muddy, wet and relatively harsh ground conditions. The disadvantages may be heavier.

Stability: As it looks, the D1 is also very thin and unstable. It may be too light and the body itself is lighter, resulting in poor stability. Especially when the small series is riding at the highest speed of 25km/h in pure electric mode, it is obvious that the front of the car is very unstable, and it is always felt that it will roll over in the next second.

Therefore, the safety aspect of D1: Although the disc brake has a good braking force, due to the lighter body, the stability of the riding will be poor in the high-speed pure electric mode, not only that, in the human riding mode. It is also difficult to ride (hard to force and difficult to control), and the electric assist mode will also make the rider feel too strong.

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