How to Choose A Folding Electric Bicycle?

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Traffic jams, heavy traffic, and difficult parking have become the three major problems for people’s daily travel. As a convenient means of travel, electric vehicles have increasingly occupied market share and become the preferred means of transportation for more and more people. Before buying an electric car, which aspects should I understand about folding an electric bicycle? How to choose a good folding electric bicycle?

Brand is a sign of quality, and different brands have varying levels of quality. When purchasing an  folding electric bicycle, you must choose a brand that has been tested by an authoritative department and has proven to be reliable in quality, low in repair rates, good after-sales service, and high in reputation.

Endurance: battery voltages are 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, etc. The higher the voltage, the stronger the load and climbing ability, and the fastest speed (matching high-power motors can be used), so the new national standard car battery voltage ≤48V, which limits the maximum speed and battery life to less than 80km to a certain extent. The battery capacity is 12Ah, 20Ah, 30Ah, etc. The larger the capacity, the longer the battery life and the longer the driving range. It depends on our usual needs. The larger the capacity, the better. Generally speaking, a short-distance (5-10km) commute of 12Ah is enough.

There are two types of motors, brush motors and brushless motors. At present, most of the two-wheel folding electric bicycle on the market are brushless, with low loss, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and long life. Therefore, the brushless model is used as the mainstream motor to crush the brush motor. The mainstream, cost-effective, and high-quality folding electric vehicles on the market basically use brushless motors.

Folding electric bicycle function: with or without navigation frame, can it be charged, how about the cushioning, whether it can bear one’s own weight, it is inconvenient to fold the electric car.

Safety: Including factors such as the braking performance of electric vehicles and the stability and instability of the body.

For example, a folding electric bicycle has exquisite workmanship, super high value, lightweight alloy frame, super high strength, and the weight of the whole car is about 25kg. It can be quickly folded in three steps, and it is very convenient to get on the subway or put the trunk of the car. The aluminum alloy frame, the body is very light, but strong enough, so that it is easy to carry when folding, multiple shock absorption, although light but not bumpy, it feels good to ride, multi-link independent suspension, good shock absorption, The driving is stable and will not jump up and down, the tail warning light, the brake is on, safety is guaranteed, explosion-proof and wear-resistant vacuum tires, non-slip design, good grip, suitable for all kinds of roads. Folding electric bikes like this usually costs less than $500. You can also buy a folding electric bike that satisfies you at this price.

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