Xiaomi Mi A1 review: a well-built phone

Xiaomi Mi A1 review: a well-built phone


Many times MIUI is frustrated by this. With the exception of one running Android One and the other running MIUI 8.5, Mi A1 and Mi 5X are the same phones for all intents and purposes.

Mi A1 itself is a well-built all-round mid-range Android phone. It is not the fastest cell phone we have ever seen, and low-light photography may fail. It lacks wireless charging, a futuristic full-screen display, Quad-HD resolution, water resistance, and even NFC.

It provides amazing value, good performance, good camera, beautiful design and decent software and timely security updates. If your budget is limited, it is hard to think that phones with the same price will do better.

We have been singing Xiaomi’s praises. This Chinese company produces high-quality smartphones at low prices, and its hardware is as good as our hardware on the British street.

The customized operating system of Xiaomi phones runs very well, but it really deviates from the standard Android that we know and love. Usually we do not understand or do not understand things, we do not like the details of MIUI.

Usually, depending on your model and location, MIUI does not provide Google services; seamless integration of everything you take for granted-contacts, calendar appointments, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive (which is also required by the way to backup WhatsApp), etc. -Absent and cumbersome.

There are also Chinese apps, notifications and keyboards-it ’s great if you can understand Chinese, it ’s better if you do n’t understand-plus Xiaomi phones usually do n’t support 4G LTE 800MHz, which prevents O2 Giffgaff, Tesco Mobile and Sky Mobile customers get the fastest mobile data speed. A blatant lie, because the company is only seven years old. But it does not matter, because we are about to break more rules.

At Tech Advisor, we write independent product reviews of individual products, and if they leave us with enough impressions, they can be included in our team test, or we write comparative reviews to help you form between two very similar products decision making. this is not. This is a review of Xiaomi Mi A1, which is also a review of Xiaomi Mi 5X.

You are right. Except for the running software, the two smartphones are the same in every respect. Mi A1 runs Android One, a vanilla Android timely software update for all intents and uses (handled by Google itself) and the smallest British media reporting software, while Mi 5X runs MIUI 8.5 with the upcoming update MIUI 9. Given the above, you can guess which two we are more interested in.

Mi A1 is the first Xiaomi phone running pure Android, which means it is the first Xiaomi phone suitable for European audiences. All our complaints about the lack of Google services, 800MHz 4G, etc. are invalid, as is this mid-range smartphone. It is possible that a pure mobile phone-driven Xiaomi mobile phone can find a location that Xiaomi mobile phones have never seen before in our mobile phone rankings. See also: The best Chinese mobile phone

This is not to say that Xiaomi Mi A1 is very suitable for British users. But it is a sign of good things in the future. And, at the same time, yes, it is a pretty good mid-range Android….

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