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Probably the most affordable millet phone – Xiaomi 8


Today, we recommend a product, which is a fairly good mobile phone. It is from Xiaomi 8, as the digital flagship series of 18 years of millet. Although it has been criticized in appearance, it looks like the Android version of iphone x, the oversized bangs. Design (although the official said that it has added infrared face recognition, but this is the same size as the 3D of the Xiaomi 8 exploration version, the same set of modules is also to some extent to save costs), rear fingerprint recognition (of course, there is also a screen fingerprint version) There is also a software adaptation problem, Liu Haiping will make Liu Haiping unable to display the contents of some apps on both sides. Of course, when we talked about so many slots, let’s talk about some of his advantages.

What are the advantages of Xiaomi 8? From the configuration point of view, the 骁 845 processor flagship machine comes standard, the world’s first dual-frequency GPS, of course, this still needs software support, now the three map software (Baidu, Gaode, Tencent map) have been supported, this is In some complicated situations, it can provide very accurate navigation support, but this is not perfect. It is much better than the average mobile phone, but there will still be a big deviation. Support for infrared face recognition, especially at night, recognition speed is still very fast. 960 frames of super slow motion photography, which still provides a lot of playability experience for mobile phones. The new handheld super night scene, this camera is still very large, especially in the night scene performance, can provide a good night scene effect, but also built-in AI scene camera, can automatically identify the scene, different optimization for the scene. Built-in small love classmates, Xiao Ai classmates as a product of Xiaomi’s good work, built in the small love speakers and many other scenes, Xiaomi 8 in Xiaomi 8 can still provide a good experience in many aspects, and if With the Mijia smart home, it is a good plus item.

Xiaomi 8 is also proud of the MIUI system, this is the signature of Xiaomi, and the most satisfactory product of rice noodles. As the most complete mobile phone system in China, we basically think of the various functions that people need, and it is also very good in terms of experience. Although it will feel bloated when you look at it, the very perfect ecological experience will give users a better experience. Another one is NFC. Although this function is also available on other mobile phones, it should be one of the most perfect on the Xiaomi mobile phone. It not only supports the bus card function, but also supports the access control card. This is for many users who like to play the game. It is very cool. It also saves a lot of time.

Although Xiaomi is not outstanding in terms of design, but many aspects of the inside are worth recommending, interested friends can look!

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