Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review

Germany measured Xiaomi Mi Band 4: the ultimate in quality and price

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Xiaomi is famous for its good quality and low price

In the field of smartphones, Xiaomi is known for its good quality and low price, and often provides excellent performance at an unbeatable price. The smart fitness tracker Mi Band 4, which sells for only 39 euros, may also successfully achieve this feat.

Of course, at this price you cannot buy a noble design. Except for the round display glass, the entire bracelet is entirely made of plastic. Of course, the workmanship is quite good, and the soft TPU strap and the light weight of 22 grams make it very comfortable to wear.

Tracker swimming with you

The case is waterproof to 5 ATM, so you do n’t have to take it off when swimming. If you want, it can also record the distance you have traveled and the number of repetitions of swimming strokes. The tracker can record 6 kinds of sports including cycling, running and strength training. Pulse sensors measure heart rate and are much more accurate than chest straps. In addition, with the help of visual support, you can train within a specific heart rate range.

When not training, the bracelet collects general information about calorie consumption, walking steps and distance during the day. If you bring the tracker to bed, it can record sleep including heart rate and wake you up with a ringer in the morning.

The display is clear, but too small

Available in 5 colors, with a valuable metal strap
All content is displayed on a 0.95-inch OLED color touch screen. Its sharp contrast and resolution of 120 x 240 pixels make the content clear enough. There is a touch-sensitive button at the bottom of the screen for manipulation. You can use this button to activate the display or return to the main view. Testers believe that Xiaomi can omit this button in order to enlarge this too small screen.

Xiaomi’s own app Mi Fit

Mi Fit provides multiple options to clearly display fitness data
By the way, you can set what you want to display through Xiaomi’s app Mi Fit. The App acts as a control center on the mobile phone. All settings can be made on the bracelet, and of course the fitness results are also displayed on the bracelet. To this end, the application provides a large number of charts for the completed training activities. In addition, the settings are varied: determine the time interval for pulse measurement, get a warning when the heart rate is too high, or set the start and end time of night mode.

Connect with mobile phone

When no GPS signal is received, the tracker can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth in order to obtain weather and location information. If you want, you can also let the app you installed send notifications to the bracelet. If you want to reply to the notification, you have to take out the phone to operate. At least when listening to music, you can put the phone in your pocket and control playback through the bracelet.

in conclusion

Not only can Xiaomi make a good and cheap mobile phone, although the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 it manufactures is cheap, it is a very good intelligent fitness tracker, which is exciting; the battery life of up to 3 weeks is even more Icing on the cake.

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