Xiaomi AirDots, spoil the real wireless headset market

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Remember the AirPods launched in 2016, which allows us to feel the convenience of a true wireless Bluetooth headset, portable and easy to use, which adds a lot of fun to us, and reduces the trouble of boot pairing. However, after two years, AirPods has not changed, and has broken many small partners. However, Xiaomi recently launched a version of AirDots Youth, which often appears as the industry spoiler, this time in the true wireless Bluetooth headset market, what kind of subversion?

The AirDots launched this time also added a youth version, which obviously implies that a higher-end version will be introduced next. It has a very small appearance. Like the old AirPods, it also comes with a headphone box and headphones. Take it out of the headset box and pair it with your phone. After pairing, the left and right headphones will sound. After that, as long as the earphone is taken out of the earphone box, it will be automatically paired and worn to listen.

When listening to music, AirDots exudes a vocal voice that clearly shows the singer’s voice. It feels a bit stuffy overall, but for a pair of true wireless headphones that sell for 199 yuan, the sound quality is better than I expected. Less, I can’t complain too much! The effect of the call is also relatively clear, but according to the friend on the other end of the phone, it sounds like the feeling of two people talking in the same small room. It is hard to say whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage.

When playing songs with Netease Cloud Music, quickly pull the volume bar, which will change faster than the keys of the headphones. At this time, there will be synchronous tearing in the dual headphones. The volume on both sides is different, wait for a second or so. The volume is synchronized. When playing the game “Stimulus Battlefield”, there will also be a certain degree of delay. After all, this is a Bluetooth design. It is still somewhat difficult to completely eliminate the delay, but it is basically no problem to listen to the songs!

In terms of endurance performance, according to the official introduction, the ears can realize 4 hours of continuous listening to the ears, and the built-in earphone box can achieve 12 hours of battery life, which can meet the needs of a whole day. When I was running with this headset, I ran for one kilometer. There was basically no looseness. After one kilometer, I started sweating. At this time, the earphones of the earphones became a little slippery, but in the remaining few kilometers, AirDots also No fall, it is a challenge to success.

Overall, if I rate AirPods in 90, then I can give AirDots a score of 80, although it seems to have 10 points, but considering the price difference between the two is five or six times, such a The gap can completely make up for the lack of AirDots! At present, this headset has been on the official website of Tomop and sells for $38.69. If you want to experience the charm of true wireless at one-fifth of the price, you can consider getting on the bus!

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