6 Decorating Tips For Your Child’s Bedroom

6 Decorating Tips For Your Child’s Bedroom

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Whether you’re expecting a child or you already have several munchkins under your roof, here are a few ways you can make your child’s bedroom fun, playful, and funcional.

Bedding – You want a comfy mattress for your child, but let’s be real, you’re probably not going to spend the money you’d spend on a bed for yourself. Not only will you have to purchase a new one for them down the line when they’re teenagers, but they probably don’t care what kind of bed they’re sleeping on. Just as long as it’s cozy, they’re going to be happy. We think Yogabed is a good mattress for younger kids because it’s affordable, and it has a machine washable cover in case there’s any accidents or spills. Or you can take a look at The Slumber Yard’s post on the best mattresses for kids.

Organization – Unfortunately, kids aren’t born with the innate desire to clean up after themselves. Help guide them there by providing your child with ways to make organizing more fun. We think the Mexican Pine Storage Chest is a great storage bin for kids because it’s large enough to fit all of their toys, it’s a perfect height for them to easily throw their belongings inside, and it has the look of an old pirate’s treasure chest.

Arts & Crafts – Let your kids get creative and set up a section of their bedroom where they can freely explore themselves and let their imaginations run wild. Encouraging creativity is especially important for kids of younger ages because it promotes mental and physical growth. Stock up on Crayola Washable Kids Paint, construction paper, and look up fun crafts you and your children can do together. There’s even recipes out there for homemade playdough, which is much safer for children when they inevitably try to eat it.

Lighting – It’s important to have different light fixtures in your child’s bedroom. Of course, lighting is essential to have in all areas of your house, but it’s less likely for an adult to struggle in the dark than it is for your child. Whether they need light to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, or they’re afraid of the dark, we think the LED Nursery Night Light Kids Bedroom Bedside Lamp is a good addition to any kid’s bedroom. They come in several different colors to match any children’s room decor, and did we mention they look adorable?

Paint The Walls – If you were to ask 10 children what color they would like to paint their bedroom, the odds are very slim that they’d say white, tan, beige, or any other of the boring colors that adults like to use in their home. You don’t need something crazy like lime green and pink stripes (the colors I wanted to, but thankfully didn’t paint my room when I was younger). Pick something that goes with the theme or mood of their room, like a calming baby blue, or a stimulating and cheerful yellow. Painting a room can give it an extreme transformation, and it’ll make it a homier space for your child.

Height Chart – There are more creative ways to track your son or daughter’s growth than engraving lines in your home’s wooden door frames. Designate a small area in their room and do whatever you need to do to make the wall paint friendly. Put up a boarder, a large slab of construction paper, etc. Mark their growth against the wall with stickers, glitter, painted handprints, or anything you and your child can think of. Doing this will make tracking their growth more fun, but way less damaging to the wood in your house.

This post was written by McKenzie Dillon who is a writer and editor at The Slumber Yard, a review site that focuses on bedding and sleep products.

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