[Out of the Box Reviews] TRN V80 Circle Iron In-Ear Headphones

[Out of the Box Reviews] TRN V80 Circle Iron In-Ear Headphones

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The only product I purchase for TRN is the blue Bluetooth cable. I bought it against a 0.78cm pin, and the result is that … if you connect too many custom headsets, there will be a current sound … Therefore, now I use it on two single headphones, I ca n’t help it ~ I like the color matching … I will write V80 this time, mainly because I often see the board. Many netizens recommend the TRN V80, or I hope that I can compare it, measured The difference between the headset and the V80, but I have never heard of it. It is too curious, and because of being too curious, after the Chinese New Year, I borrowed a test machine from Dashang, and I have no time to squeeze out some experience.

Out of the box:

The thing is very simple, the earphone / original black wire / three earplugs, and the silver-plated wire are on the way.

The headphone cavity is heavy! It has a good weight and feels very good when held in your hand.

0.75cm pin, someone should ask, can you take 0.78cm? I’m very careful to hold it with little effort, try it in one ear, it really works! But quickly take it out, I’m afraid it will be loose … (this is borrowed, I don’t want to lose it … == “)

But this ear hook is asymmetric … I know there will be errors in the production of handmade thread ear hooks, but this is too much worse … (a quarreling couple?).

The shiny 3.5mm plug has the same overall color as the wire body, which is gold and silver. I think it should not be accidental ~ ^^

Test the front end:
Haibei R6 stainless steel version. (MYIEM in Taipei and Taichung can be auditioned, because I bought it there, I heard that there are other audition locations, please find it yourself!)

Required volume at Low Gain: 40-42.

Required volume under “High Gain”: 38-39.

Tone setting: Monitor (R6 can choose three kinds of tone: monitor / warm / bile duct.)

Original line:

At first I listened with a little vocal tooth sound, turned on the high gain, and moved towards a more moist. Also because of this warm feeling, the tooth sound is a bit less sharp, but the friends who care about the tooth sound are still very sentimental. On the ear, if you turn off the gain, the moist feeling will be reduced, but the texture will feel a little frizzy. The background soundtrack continues to be meticulous with a sense of transparency. The goodness of the V80 lies in this meticulous sense of transparency. This advantage is maintained regardless of whether the gain is turned on or not, so the sound field feels wider.

The low frequency has some submergence. With Q bombs, the diffusion sense is well controlled, and it is cohesive. It has good dynamic performance. Many small sounds can also be heard, and the strong and weak feelings are obvious. In rock music, because the V80 sound is more condensed, it has a good performance without turning on the gain, and because the sound field is relatively wide, there will not be a sense of overcrowding and clutter, which is layered and durable. Also because of the good dynamic performance, the dance music has not turned on the gain has been dynamic, after opening, the low-frequency power and Q bombs, like a punch and a punch in the heart, hit your chest.

The high frequency has a slight stretch and a sense of space. The dolphins sound is more pliable. Although I feel some instability in the end, I don’t feel cold, so it is more resistant to hearing and has a moderate amount of overtones. The performance of wind music is transparent and dynamic. String music, such as the violin, is slightly warmer. Although there is no obvious sense of image formation, the strength is clear and distinct, which produces another emotional line that affects the listeners’ senses.

Silver-plated wire:

It is recommended to use this line to turn on the gain better. When it is not turned on, the human voice is close to the ears, and the sound texture is colder and drier, and some frizzy feeling is generated on the extension. The increase is only compared with the original line. When the singer is soaring, the singer still feels cold and frizzy (the gain can be improved by turning on the gain). The background is clearer, and the continuous lines of the sound are clearer. If used to listen to the rock “Evans-what you want”, the clarity of the instrument is improved a lot, and the impact is less, which reduces some listening pressure. European and American pop music “Carly Rae Jepsen – good time”, the painting style is more fresh, the small sound is more clear, but the dive is slightly less, and the frequency of the low-frequency ending is faster. Used to listen to Vitas, increased the brightness of some vocals, the dolphin sound lines are more smoothly extended, and the original unstable situation has improved a lot. However, the warmth of the violin sound is slightly reduced, and the background music is replaced by a clearer sound, as if looking at another painting.

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