Wireless IP Camera


Network Camera with integrated video compression chip design vimie VC0568 to do M-JPEG video compression.

1.1 IP Camera Overview
IP Camera is the latest design and production of high-performance network camera, the camera not only includes a powerful user management features, has good reliability and compatibility, and easy to install, easy to operate, users do not need any skills to the Within minutes the camera is connected to broadband Internet. This is a Genuine new model internet wireless IP camera. Support WIFI, Night Vision function. High-sensitivity 1/4″ CMOS sensor, waterproof, powerful high-speed video protocol processor. Totally a good choise for outdoor surveillance.

1.2 Applications
Wireless IP Camera can usually be used in large stores, schools, factories, and a series of public places, and the Company for its powerful camera image processing is more suitable as banking, transportation and so on intersection image resolution demanding environment.

Advanced Features

Unique image encryption transmission technology in addition to the standard user authentication mechanisms, even by the standard AES 128-bit high-strength encryption algorithm to encrypt the image after the transfer, to ensure information security.

Digital image recording/transmission in remote viewing, you can record images when an alarm, automatically send images to your e-mail. Detection of the human body through an external infrared motion detection sensor (PIR), can trigger images recording and transmission. Alarm sensor input and output if the fire or hacking situation, detecting sensor alarm, can be automatically recorded. And notify you by e-mail. (Optional alarm input/output components).

Dynamic DNS support for built-in Dynamic DNS (DDNS) feature, easy to ADSL and other IP in the constantly changing environment.
Product Applications: Wireless Camera is usually used in large retail outlets, schools, factories, and a series of public places, and the Company for its powerful camera more suitable for image processing capabilities such as banking, transport junctions and other than the image resolution required high environment.

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