RC Flight Simulator


This RC Flight Simulator is used for simulate the scenes of real world model aircraft flying.It can help you to increase your real world flying experience from your PC.Connected to PC with USB plug,so it can be used directly without external power.The simulator can support many FMS softwares.Using it can enhance your flying performance skills fast and bring you exciting feelings of flying freely in the blue sky.

As video recording software and video site by the double compression, loss of quality large, the actual operation of the screen much better than this Oh! This section has always been a remote control emulator, only part of the circuit into a circuit simulator, so feel very very true! Is really a control lever, is the metal of the Oh! Handle more than 300 pieces Shop price than the simulator even better! The software supports more software and more random sent, basically covering the mainstream market, excellent software, installed two DVD! There are a large number of helicopters, fixed wing, and gliders to choose from! Also very affordable prices! Getting Started as a rare model aircraft real weapon! Owner highly recommended!

Features of RC Helicopter Flight Simulator:

1. Without any optional equipment, without having to download software to play on a full set of hand!

2. No batteries, computer USB interface to directly supply. Peace of mind and money!

3. More than one, support the G4 Chinese, AROFLY, FMS flight simulation software and other outstanding Chinese (or more kinds of software in the supplied CD-ROM full band!)

4. Six-channel! High quality, realistic feel. With a “helicopter stunt inverted switch / fixed undercarriage switch” function, can play a variety of special effects, cool!

5. Installation is easy and intimate, within the CD-ROM supplied with detailed installation instructions in Chinese and FAQs, as well as instructional videos do, let your peace of mind!

This helicopter flight simulator is not battery-powered, simply insert the USB interface, you can use the computer. (This is important because electronic dog-like simulator really need cable to connect the remote control, and remote control can be used to add power, this disadvantage is: 1, remote control, simulation training can start work, and this the maximum damage when high-frequency circuit (although the simulation is useless is not, but he will work as long as the boot) which lead to aging and high-frequency remote control circuit can easily damage the launch tube. expensive remote controller to do simulation training is both a kinds of waste, but is itself a kind of damage, more harm than good. 2, the battery and when using the remote control as the normal discharge, so the battery is a loss, and the batteries need to be recharged before use, which virtually adds a lot of trouble. The handle of the product is with one remote control and electronic dog simulator itself does not require battery-powered, but no extra high-frequency transmitter circuit, so the damage can not talk about their own aging issues, just USB interface with a computer connected then, without loading drivers to use.

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