Inception Spinning Top


Over more than a year, your dream wake up?

However, it was obviously not awake: from the domestic one, “Inception space” lovers of DIY work, dream-or-real black box version of the metal top, from the outside, can be regarded as the most accurate or precise date, the ratio after rigorous design to restore the surface layers have also been the old manual processing, as presented in the texture of the film – if you go decadence that hold the Inception Spinning Top, will certainly feel the “Inception” of the essence.

Substance from the internal point of view, the black box version of the metal spinning top is one of the closest thing the film – who really should not be used to verify the spinning top dream, right? Therefore, the exact location it should be on a whim and a wonderful memorial. The black-box version in this regard can be said to be the ultimate, steady black box, as the director Nolan’s consistent temperament, layers of peeling, it emerged wonderful. The inner lid is a maze of gray, like the genius of Transdniestria to show Arria, deep and magical. The box inside the spinning top Here, it is a beautiful English script, the content is the interpretation of the role of Arthur on the totem, but interspersed with clips of the Cobb test spinning top in the back room if they are still in a dream scenario.

So, simply put, this is not the plaything of tumult, but things go flat after collection, placed for collection in the film, playing quietly in the lazy afternoon, pondering ~ love surprising TOMTOP for sale.

* spinning top toy proportion and shape are carefully designed to restore.
* Multi old manual processing, in line with the true state of the movie.
* Stable black-box packaging, in line with Nolan, the film’s consistent temperament.
* Comes with a content of the original script.

Dimensions: Height about 3.3 cm in diameter and about 3 cm packing: carton + bag Material: Metal

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