How to choose lingeries material


A British lingerie company Gossard production has a point: women’s clothing underwear should not be, but should be a female partner. “That is a point. Regardless of the ladies in China are now spending a year in a bra, or in the future standard of living can be achieved after the annual consumption of seven to bra underwear represented on the first ladies who are close companion, Of course, this chaperone function is not only easy to wear after the operation, but also can adjust the body after wearing, then, which will ultimately effect the modification.(adult sexy lingerie

Still when the number of comfortable fabrics of cotton, underwear is also the most often cotton. Today, the ladies still prefer cotton underwear, of course, because of its unique breathable cotton and natural, making the wearing feel absolutely different from other fabrics. From the beauty, the effect of woven and knitted cotton printing cotton dyeing effect, there is a natural simplicity and youthful atmosphere, for the other fabrics are difficult to replace.

More distant than cotton, but is later used for velvet underwear. Cotton velvet and has not found elegant and luxurious. Sense of the natural smooth velvet, Lycra is also missing. To French lace or Swiss embroidery and decorated with velvet, gorgeous effects can be achieved, I am afraid to do any kind of fabric is immune.(sexy lingeries

Polyester, nylon, spandex type chemical fiber raw materials, although the elasticity of Lycra than satisfactory, but each has a moisture absorption, deformation, scalability and other features, the Leica can not be replaced.

For a consumer, the different seasons and different occasions, with different measures, different habits, taste a variety of different needs. Since the use of every woman’s underwear will be raised to 5-7 pieces a year, then only one of which would certainly not material. Most likely a different preference for different brands, Ms. while more than a fabric preference. Ms. partners even as underwear, more features, more style, more color, more character, and, more fabric.(sexy men lingerie

Now, with the recognition of people and pick sexy lingerie love sexy lingerie domestic brands in recent years been a very good development. If Yeni Ya, night fire, Suze Er, is Korea, Europe and underwear pose more and more adults Ya brands selling the city, and there are more and more sexy lingerie lingerie manufacturers to join the market competition. , Maybe people will be buying more sexy underwear choice.

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