Personalized super high speed USB HUB


In the past two years, personalized USB is applied more widely and frequently. Nowadays, in addition to normal mouse and removable hard disk, all types of USB small lamp, and computer peripheral gadgets gradually began to rise, which making the socket of the computer to be not enough, so more and more multi-port USB HUB appear on the market. However, due to USB is a major hub building products, it’s difficult to make a breakthrough in technology, so the vendors have to turn towards the appearance, then the personalized USB is born. Here we introduce several high speed USB HUB, although they are not very strange, but quite creative, most important they are very practical.

Panda and Eagle USB 2.0 4 Port HUB

Slim Mousepad 3 Port USB1.1 HUB with Calculator

Man-Shaped 4 Port High Speed USB 2.0 HUB

Elliptical Liquid USB 2.0 High Speed 4 Ports HUB

These high speed USB HUB are the best selling in 2010, and as peripheral products, they are becoming mainstream with their own personality style of the notebook. USB HUB also are more and more liked in the general public, for laptop users, USB integrator is very important, a multi-card reader is also essential IT adults. High-speed USB HUB can make consumers to own a variety of personalized peripheral equipment, and fully consistent with the needs of the general public. Do you want to have both a unique integrated USB Card Reader?

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