Wilderness survival cheats——The way of using flint


When we talk about making fire, our first feeling of reaction must be “carrying a disposable lighter”. But don’t forget, if outdoor activities is hold in adverse weather conditions, wind, rain can make lighters to become invalid. At this point, the most reliable tools of making fire is the most primitive “fire starter flint“, it’s that I will tell all about outdoor survival flint. For those who love outdoor sports, especially those who love outdoor survival, it is already very familiar with the equipment one.

The outdoor survival flint stone is different between the natural flint, the main component of natural flint silica is Silicon dioxide, but now using outdoor survival flint is man made alloy, rare earth metals derivatives. Therefore it has a better performance than the silicon dioxide, when it rub with the knife or saw, will rapid to drop a lot of metal shavings which has thousands of degrees, and then quickly ignited the hay, leaves, sawdust and other natural kindling.

When we talk about outdoor survival fire starter flint, most people often confuse with the magnesium blocks and magnesium rods, this may be affected by magnesium block of U.S. military equipment. In fact, the main component of the American fire magnesium blocks is magnesium, magnesium can only play a role of combustion, it also can’t less the flint in the side of American magnesium block, Before using magnesium, it need to cut down some chips, then to Ignite the flint. However, the outdoor flint, magnesium accounted small percentage, it not only can cut down some magnesium chips and then igniting as same as the American magnesium block, also more quickly by direct ignition of kindling.

In the famous field survival documentary, Discovery-man vs wild wilderness survival cheats, the leading man and the British special forces soldiers Bell. Griess survive some days in extreme cases, they only carry three equipment – knife, fire starter flint and military water Pot. So the flint plays a important role in outdoor activities.

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