How To Buy Sexy Lingerie For Your Special Lady


Everyone knows women love getting gifts,especially on Valentine’s Day or certain anniversary . But men must be puzzled on what to buy for their beloves. Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been with your girl for a while, buying her nice underwear or sexy lingerie is an excellent way to keep the attraction alive. You may also save yourself a lot of money and irritation by doing some homework first for giving her big surprise. By the way, when purchasing lingerie,there are some tips you should follow.

sexy lingerie

Firstly, yu should take your girl’s size and personal style into consideration. If she’s a girly-girl, stick with the bows, frills and polka dots may be better. If she is alternative , take some cues from the “boudoir”-style choices of burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese. If she’s the dark, mysterious type, why not trying some secret-agent style garters and corsets in black lace? Please keep in mind that: Don’t buy a big girl a tiny thong. Don’t buy anything printed with cheeky slogans. Do ask for advice from the saleswomen

The most important but simple tip to do when going to decide on sizes is to check different size charts of different lingerie manufacturers. CYou can also check the labels of your ladie’s lingerie. Most of the companies that make lingerie still have a size chart on their websites. Checking these different size charts will show you how much they differ from each other.At last you will get a good idea of what sizes you need based on the height, weight and bust size of your special lady. It is important to get the size right.


After confirmed the size,let’s pay attention to color and styles. When talking about what style of lingerie women like, there are as many differences in what they like as there are available styles. Some women prefer something a bit more revealing like a teddie. Some women like more conservative but equally sensual gowns and robes. just remember one thing: You are buying lingerie for her, not you. So buy her something special you know SHE will like, not what you like.

Color is as important as size and style. Buying her a grey one knowing she doesn’t like grey color would be the bid mistake. No matter how good you thought it looked on the model, Women are more creative with colors than men but even though they all still tend to like certain colors and combinations of color. It is better for you to see what colors she wears very often now. Redheads look great in green and yellow, brunettes look sexy in red and white and blondes always good good in black and blue.

Now that you have a general ideas about the styles, sizes, colors of the lingerie then you have to make it true. Searching online to find beautiful women in lingerie until you decide that is the perfect for your special lady.

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