Wii game Super Accelerator a large collecting the full range of accessories


Japanese Nintendo Wii (nintendo) launched game console in 12th Dec 2006, Wii is the seventh generation of home consoles . Its rich wii accessories also allow players to fully experience the fun of the game. Yantai now store video Strip Credit Union has introduced a wealth of wii accessories, such as wii motionplus. Price shop consultation.

WII also a lot of shooting game, but only play with the handle, it is difficult accurate, yet easy to fatigue over time, the game experience will be greatly reduced. WII Light Gun (also known as Resident Evil Gun) main function is used for shooting game, the handle formed into WII gun light gun mode, so that more precise targeting while playing the game, and not easily tired arm, the most important is the use of Motion Plus.It can actually find the proximity to their sense of worth buying.

We play the racing game with wii motion plus prefer the steering wheel can be fixed, solid feel in hand, but the WII racing game is different, need a lot of significant actions, such as Need for speed racing is the need to push forward, while still in the air powered car turned Austria turn to eat props, so the steering wheel but not a fixed practical and easy to be damaged.

Wii remote motionplus original version body shell work fine, feel superior. Handle smooth white face paint, keys feel comfortable, body scrub back Process obvious signs of a good slip resistance. In addition the interface, the assembly version of the interface was rough work, the more obvious comparison. Also in the box printed on the packaging are significantly different, original packing box fonts clear, warm color printing, assembly and packaging printing lighter version of the font patterns and fuzzy, it is easy to distinguish.

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