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LED, full of technology means that the word refers to the light-emitting diodes. Do not think that it is only to bring light to our daily lives, is now used in clothing, let your body shine! Today, more and more high tech clothing, is no longer confined to warm, shelter, decoration such a role. When you’re wearing “LED” to the party, the audience will turn high!

Here are several pieces of news to help you learn more about LED clothes.

1.If you are a true tech-geek than after wearable tech-jewellery, the next thing in your wardrobe could be the LED-clothes from some clothes-line or some designer….no its from Philips Electronics. Philips has found a way to build LED’s into fibres without compromising their softness. The company is working on a fabric with fibres woven into it and that can light up with the logo of your choice at the flick of a switch. And, the company is making sure the fabric is soft and washable. So, if you don’t mind strolling down the streets like a moving banner than you might grab few eye-balls!!

2.Katy Perry-She’s not a necessarily a fashion darling, but Katy Perry’s LED dress was the most talked-about at this year’s Met Gala. A small London-based label called CuteCircuit created the gown for the singer after her stylist saw one of their dresses at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Designer Francesca Rosella founded the label in 2004 after her former employers, Valentino and Esprit, passed on her light-up designs. She believes technologically enhanced apparel is the future of fashion for celebrities and normal people. Though Perry’s dress was a custom creation — “couture” as Rosella says — CuteCircuit makes a ready-to-wear collection that ranges from about $135 to $450. The LEDs in those clothes just require a watch battery. Remove it and you can throw the stuff in the washing machine. And then the dryer.

3.Believe it or not, LED technology is trying to get in our clothes. Okay, all dirty images aside, I am seriously telling the truth. LEDs are being integrated into clothing for a look like no other.

This is part of designer Mary Huang’s very unique lighted fashion line, otherwise known as Rhyme and Reason. As you can see from the dress the model is wearing in the photo, she is positively glowing. The designer didn’t go for the look of bulbs, but a soft glow of an LED beneath the fabric.

In case you are wondering, the power of the LEDs comes from either batteries or from a cord plugged into the wall. I think if you want to spend a night on the town, I highly recommend the batteries. The last thing you want is to turn heads at a dimly lit party, only to trip on a cord later. Best of all, the clothes can double as lights. Just hang them off a hook, and you have a standing lamp!

So far, it appears these clothes are only for women. I’m not certain what kind of LED clothes could be designed for men. Maybe some muffled light underneath a tuxedo jacket.

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