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2019 low-cost desktop 3D printer recommended

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In low-cost desktop-class 3D printers, it is often necessary to assemble and make a lot of adjustments to get the job done. They are generally suitable for purchasers who have strong hands-on or limited budgets. Below we have organized the following low-cost desktop-class 3D printers:

Da Vinci Jr. 1.0W: The Da Vinci Jr. series of 3D printers from XYZprinting is priced at around $300. In addition, the model is a closed system that is very easy to use. Although the print results are not very good, the overall packaging is much better than the Prusa i3 at the same price. It is worth mentioning that Da Vinci Jr. 1.0W uses a quick release design, allowing you to replace the key nozzle module in the shortest time, just press the module release button, you can completely remove and replace. According to 3D Tiger, the machine also has a WiFi function to control the 3D printer via wifi.

Printrbot Play V2: The Printrbot Play V2 Printrbot Play Kit is priced at approximately $600. The triangular claw structure that Printrbot has built over the years has provided us with a small, easy-to-use 3D printer. In addition, Printrbot cares about their customers, which is reflected when they become customers. And many 3D printing companies just sold the equipment to the customer, but the Printrbot is very intimate, which is good.

Anet A8: Anet has a lot of devices that mimic the design of Prusa i3, some of which are overrated, but I really like Anet A8 because its value is well designed. Although the components are not perfect and need to be adjusted by themselves, the price of less than $300 is still exciting.

Monoprice MP Select Mini: The Monoprice MP Select Mini 3D printer has been around for a few years. Although it is an imperfect little thing that requires mods and upgrades to work properly, the price of around $200 is really exciting.

Which one would you choose? If you want to learn 3D printing, choose Anet or Printrbot, they have a steep learning curve, but these systems will continue to work as you get better. For easier 3D printing, XYZ’s Da Vinci Jr. 1.0W is the best choice!

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