GPD Pocket 2 Mini Laptop

The white-collar goddess is not enough for the MacBook? This GPD pocket notebook is more suitable for her!

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In the past spring of Apple’s 2019 conference, Apple brought all the software services, and no new hardware products were released. Like the new MacBook, we still need to wait. In fact, for users who choose MacBook, the main thing is its portability, which is more suitable for business people who travel frequently. In order to meet the needs of users for mobile office, domestic handheld manufacturer GPD launched a GPD Pocket 2 portable notebook computer, which is not only small in size, but also powerful in performance, able to meet the various office needs of users.

Appearance, GPD Pocket 2 uses UNIBODY integrated magnesium alloy body, equipped with a 7-inch retina touch screen, the whole machine weighs about 520g, the thinnest part is only 8mm, compared to the MacBook is more compact and light, can be easily put into In the lady’s backpack, it is more convenient to carry it with you.

Hardware configuration, GPD Pocket 2 equipped with the eighth generation Intel Core 8100Y processor, the largest Turbo 3.4Ghz, 8GB + 128GB storage combination, built-in 6800mAh capacity battery, can provide up to 8 hours of battery life, pre-installed WIN10 system.

Although the GPD Pocket 2 is small in size, it is still equipped with a QWERTYQ full keyboard, and the ergonomically designed chocolate suspension keyboard is soft and comfortable to handle, and can be pressed without too much effort, which is more convenient to use.

Interface, GPD Pocket 2 has two USB3.0 ports and one Micro SD card slot, which can provide up to 2.4TB of external storage expansion to meet the user’s more storage needs. In addition, Pocket 2 also supports active cooling, which can be easily put into pockets and backpacks, which are not available on Apple MacBooks.

Of course, some users may just be used for simple office work. The hardware requirements are not high. GPD recently introduced a GPD Pocket 2 Amber Black (8GB) version, which is mainly based on the processor. The change, equipped with the Intel Celeron 3965Y processor, has reduced performance, but the endurance has improved, providing users with longer working hours.

For this GPD Pocket 2, compared to the Apple MacBook, it is not only small and easy to carry around, but also more powerful in hardware configuration and battery life, able to meet the various office needs of users, more suitable for mobile office needs. Used by business users.

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