What are the special features of smart sockets?

Smart Device & Safety

Most of us are familiar with intelligent products, because such objects have gradually integrated into our lives, for example, smart sockets, which have been favored by many fashion-conscious families because of environmental protection and safety. The socket, in addition to the power interface, also has a USB interface and a WIFI connection device inside. So what is the special use of smart sockets?

1. The intelligent safety socket is better in safety performance. The leakage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, etc. are far superior to the ordinary socket in safety performance, and also have an automatic identification plug, which will not cause electric shock when the non-socket object is inserted. The safety of electricity is the best guarantee. Automatically detect the current change of the electric appliance to cut off the electricity, completely eliminate the standby energy consumption problem, save energy and reduce emissions, and protect the environment.

2. 2. It can set the time switch for the electric appliance, not only save energy and money, but also save the user a lot of time, for example, set the boot time for some bread machine, coffee machine, egg cooker, etc. So, there will be a delicious breakfast waiting for you when you wake up in the morning.Such as this Mini Wifi Smart Plug ,with On/Off Switch with timing, on/off toggle button, voice control and mobile app remote control, you can set schedules and timers to turn your electronics on/off by clicking on your smartphone You will never come to a dark and cold home. It’s cool technology, just click on your smartphone to make your life easier and make your home smarter.

Mini Wifi Smart Plug with On/Off Switch

3. For more convenience, this kind of socket can also be remotely controlled by mobile APP. For example, if you want to watch TV, open curtains, turn on the sound, etc., just open it on the mobile app, no need to go to the product. Hand touch, this is also the biggest feature of the smart socket, no matter how far away, you can complete the operation of turning on the air conditioner, electric kettle, rice cooker, etc. with a single click. This FEBITE FBE1 10A WiFi Smart Socket EU Plug Support Smartphone Remote Control, which uses voice control, smart plug-in works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant to manage your device via voice control. You can easily and efficiently control light bulbs, rice cookers, water heaters, etc. from your smartphone. WiFi smart sockets have no complicated installation process, plug and play. Just download the Smart Life app and control it. It also has a timing feature that allows you to set a timer to turn the electronic device on/off. When you go home, you can see that your house lights are on.

FEBITE FBE1 10A WiFi Smart Socket EU Plug Support Smartphone Remote Control & Timing Switch Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Home

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