Xiaomi Mijia Electric Rice Cooker Review

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With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for three meals a day. The basic functions of traditional kitchen appliances can no longer meet our needs. Xiaomi Mijia electric rice cooker can make our daily cooking and cooking happier and simpler.

The overall white design of Xiaomi Mijia electric rice cooker, beautiful, quiet, and simple style, and other Xiaomi home appliances have achieved style unity. Several styles of rice cookers of Xiaomi have similar appearances, but the position of the button is different, and the capacity is different.

The 4L large capacity can meet the daily meal of the whole family. Xiaomi Mijia electric rice cooker is further updated and iterated. It uses the new concave arc surface hot plate, combined with the newly designed bottom convex liner, makes the heat flow even, allows the rice to absorb water more fully, and further improves the rice maturation. 890W heating power, matched with the top heating module, to achieve a three-dimensional heating effect. The Mijia electric rice cooker has dual temperature probes. One probe is located at the bottom and the other is located on the upper cover. The dual temperature probes can always monitor the cooking temperature to prevent the soup from overflowing the pot. The 2.0mm thick pan makes the heating more even. The powder coating of Daikin PFA non-stick pan has the characteristics of non-stick pan and easy to clean.

The buttons of the Mijia electric rice cooker are simple and beautiful, and the operation is very sensitive and convenient. The opening button is located in the middle of the top, and the lid can be opened with a light press. The logo on it is “Mijia”. The lid is easy to disassemble and clean.

The three openings on the lid of the Xiaomi Mijia electric rice cooker are vents. When cooking rice, the steam vent will generate high-temperature steam. The high-temperature steam is discharged through the three vents. In daily use, you need to be careful not to Keep your fingers, face and other body parts close to the steam vent, and be careful of steam burns.

The LED screen and control panel of the rice cooker are located on the front of the body. Below the LED screen are three buttons: appointment time, start and select. After the power is turned on, the LED screen will display: time number, and several operating modes such as quick cooking, congee cooking, heat preservation, and optional. Mijia Rice Cooker supports 24-hour smart appointment operation, for example, it can be set to start cooking at any time. At the same time, it also has a 24-hour heat preservation function.

Xiaomi Mijia electric rice cooker is a smart rice cooker that can operate the rice cooker’s rice cooking, soup, and vegetable cooking functions on the Mijia APP. There are cooking recipes on the Mijia APP, and the recipes are very detailed. As long as you follow the steps on the recipe, you can use Xiaomi Mijia electric rice cooker to make satisfying dishes. You can also use the Xiaomi Mijia electric rice cooker to cook more dishes through the recipe function of the Mijia APP. Each recipe is written in great detail. From preparing ingredients to steps, it is clearly marked. You only need to follow the recipe step by step. Even a novice who does not know how to cook can also use the Xiaomi Mijia electric rice cooker through the recipe function. Make delicious dishes other than rice and porridge.

Xiaomi Mijia electric rice cooker is very magical. It understands the characteristics of each rice grain, stores more than 3000 rice cooking plans, and makes the best rice based on the characteristics of different rice grains. The method of cooking rice is to use the Mijia app to automatically scan the barcode on the package to automatically match the cooking plan.

Using the Mijia APP, you can also realize the remote control of the Xiaomi Mijia electric rice cooker. For example, when you are at work, you can use the Mijia APP to operate the rice or cooking functions, and the rice will be cooked when you return home after getting off work. Xiaomi Mijia electric rice cooker now realizes the high technology that humans envisioned a few years ago, and can truly realize the function of controlling the rice cooker to cook through the mobile phone. Make people’s lives smarter.

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