3D Printing Star Moon Lamp

3D printed lunar lights that are hot before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival

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People have joys and sorrows, and there is a lack of gloom in the moon. I hope that this year, everything will be perfect.

Thousands of years ago, the literati and the literati always looked up to the moon, and the plot of the moon and the home is also the main theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival every year. Today, the moon can be held in the palm of your hand.

The hottest moon light nowadays

Became the most popular 3D print in Mid-Autumn Festival

Around the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, 3D Printing Star Moon Lamp have continued to sell well, becoming the deserved explosion of 3D printing in the consumer class.

According to the survey, the reason why the moonlight is loved by everyone is that it has nothing to do with its creative romance and the latest 3D printing technology. The current lunar lights will often be used as props.

The stars “the stars hold the moon” kicked off the event;

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival has been favored by CCTV. The CCTV party has a lunar light on the show, which brings a super-dream stage effect.

The star effect is strong, and the consumer is looking for the moonlight, which is attracted by its exquisite appearance and romantic creativity. Therefore, in this Mid-Autumn Festival, most people buy moonlight gifts.

Sending acacia people… sales data has grown dramatically in a short period of time.

Lunar lights drive the consumer market

Insight into 3D printing future technology

As of the deadline, the sales of lunar lights are still ranked at the top of the 3D printing consumer product list. The latest Taobao lunar lamp sales ranked first in the store, monthly sales data also

It is more than 3,900 and is still growing.

And this glowing 3D printing moon, in addition to innovation and environmental protection, is also ingenious everywhere. Therefore, some people say that the moon light is hot because it integrates 3D printing technology into life.

In the live, the cultural elements given have greatly improved the connotation of the products, while the Mid-Autumn Festival marketing has also amplified the market demand; the lunar lights as a Mid-Autumn Festival gift, accurate positioning, technology

Romantically, the added value is added, and it is inevitable that it can become a burst.

The effect of the lunar lights has also caused many practitioners to have reverie and confidence in the consumer market. With the reduction in price and popularity of 3D printing devices, 3D printing technology is also

It has gradually become an important way of manufacturing in modern society. The fields of medicine, space, design and transportation have also been innovated through this technology. I believe that 3D printing is new.

Moon will change our lives.

How to make the most delicate moonlight?

The lunar lights we have seen in the past are a photo of a disk-shaped lamp base covered with a layer of moon, or a photo of a spherical glass lamp surface.

Nowadays, most lunar lights are printed by FDM 3D. The process of production usually needs to pay attention to the black spots when printing the spheres or the materials can be easily broken after being made. This is related to 3D.

The material properties selected for printing have a lot to do with it.

Antarctic bears learned that eSUN is easy to produce 3D printing series of new PLA+ wire, pursuing practicality and exquisiteness with environmental protection spirit, providing “private custom” 3D for safer printing and technology.

Print the moon light.

Pure natural degradable, green

Print the moon light to carry around, more intimate

eSUN Yisheng focuses on the development of 3D printing materials. Its PLA+ wire is a kind of biological material extracted from corn grain, which is naturally degradable and pollution-free. The printing process is non-toxic.

Taste, holding the moon light, will not hurt the human health.

Stronger toughness and stiffness, unstoppable

Safe operation

This PLA+ wire is up to 10 times more tough than the PLA on the market, and has a higher stiffness; it has excellent gloss and transparency. Exquisitely printed moon light, will it

Gently placed in front of the eyes, you can see the surface of the moon at close range, not easy to break.

Smooth printing and variety of colors

Let everyone’s skillful wisdom be fully utilized

The time required to make a lunar lamp is generally long (nearly 27 hours), so it is not easy to warp when printing, and there is no need to pay attention to the problem of cracking. The PLA+ wire of eSUN has more than the above.

Features, the discharge process is also very smooth during the printing process, suitable for printing large models, the best temperature for printing is in the range of 190-210 °C, a total of 10 colors are available.

The 3D printed moonlight is a magical piece of art. Its beauty is like the home moon you look up to. The romance it gives also carries your warmth…

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