Do you know how to keep your life and property safe?

Smart Device & Safety

Security is the most basic condition for people to survive and develop. Protecting one’s personal safety is always the most important thing in our lives. In order to protect our body from harm, the market has appeared protective masks, safety glasses / goggles, safety helmets, safety belts, safety gloves, safety shoes, hearing protectors, respirators; and a large number of respiratory protection equipment, protective clothing Wait. Having these security devices seems to be foolproof. In fact, we have neglected another problem. We may get lost, we will encounter bad people, and we will be threatened by thieves. How can we prevent these security problems? This requires special safety alarms, and we can ask for help when we are in danger.
Women and children and the elderly are all vulnerable groups. They need this 20db Personal Panic Rape Attack Alarm Safety Security Protection. This mini alarm clock is portable and easy to use. It is easy to operate, it will ring when it is urgent, and it will not be in a hurry. Pulling the chain to the alarm, with a 120db loud alarm, can quickly attract the attention of others, protect yourself from intruders and attackers, suitable for girls, children, the elderly and other people who need protection.120db Personal Panic Rape Attack Alarm Safety Security Protection for Girl Child Elderly Pink
In addition to personal safety, property security is our most important issue. Wireless Electronic Anti-Lost Alarm can help you reduce losses. This electronic reminder alarm consists of two parts: the receiver and the transmitter. Its receiver will be consistent with the host. The transmitter will save what the host wants to protect (such as a cell phone, wallet, laptop, camera, baby or pet, etc.). When the protected object exceeds the specified distance, the receiver will make a sound and vibrate the alarm. Users can freely set the safety distance within 0-25 meters, depending on the object of protection, it can prevent children or pets from being lost, prevent theft of wallets or luggage, and prevent valuable things from leaving somewhere. The anti-lost reminder alarm is stylish, compact and portable, and the receiver has a key ring and clip for easy carrying.Wireless Electronic Anti-Lost Alarm
We often forget the exact location of the wallet keys or always lose them. The Mini Wireless Smart GPS Locator Tracker can also help you. The intelligent GPS Locator Tracker is suitable for children’s pet wallet keys and more. You can see the current location of the missing item on the object, and you can also find the last stop position and time of the lost item. When the mobile phone and the anti-lost device exceed the default effective distance, the two-way automatic alarm, the search owner prevents loss (for the elderly, children, pets, etc.), and the guardian’s mobile phone number to keep in touch in an emergency. It can set up 7 family numbers completely, very practical, support electric fence and callback function and history: you can set the area around the locator, send an alarm when the pet enters and exits the area; set the callback number, the GPS tracker will automatically Dial the phone number you set up. It has an elegant design, very small and light, you can give it to your child, the elderly or your lovely pet.Mini Wireless Smart GPS Locator Tracker

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