Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Mini TWS Earphone

HAYLOU-GT1 true wireless headset experience evaluation

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Now you can see that the true wireless headphones can be said to be popular and sought after by everyone’s progress. Now it seems that more and more people are buying wireless headphones, giving up wired headphones, the first is really convenient. Second, the maturity of technology (here maybe AirPods play a role);

Here is a term for everyone. TWS is the abbreviation of “True Wireless Stereo” in English. This technology can realize the wireless separation of Bluetooth left and right channels, that is, “true · wireless stereo”.

The HAYLOU GT1 true wireless headset is also the launch of this T1 version of the true wireless Bluetooth headset.

HAYLOU is also very mature in the wireless headset industry, the product quality is credible, the price is not high, are entry-level headphones series, cost-effective first-class.

The size of the product, the appearance of the capsule, although not large, but the internal organs are complete, the appearance is smooth, and then there is a product logo of HAYLOU.

HAYLOU GT1 really wireless earphones are made of matte material, feel very good, feel very touchy, this kind of earphones I personally feel very comfortable to wear, no discomfort throughout the day.

This kind of true wireless earphone we see will be designed according to the size of our ear in the size of the earphone, and it is also to avoid falling off, so the earphone is still quite small.

The daily waterproof of the earphone, the two contact contacts at the bottom of the earphone, which will be used during charging, this piece will use waterproof technology, so don’t worry

Ordinary Micro USB data cable, wire can be said everywhere, not very strange data line, although the earphone charging cable is not long, but we must use it is enough, if not, you can find a normal USB data cable to use. More humane, but if you can type on TypeC in the future, it is definitely better. After all, it is a trend.

On the side of the headphone charging box is the charging interface, it does not affect the appearance and does not affect the normal use, it is quite good

Also provided are earmuffs, a total of three pairs of earmuffs, a set of headphones, there are two pairs of earmuffs in the storage pouch, for users with different needs

In order to facilitate us to carry the storage bag that is also equipped with it, the material of the storage bag is similar to leather, and the value is quite high. It is mainly convenient to carry around. I am very satisfied with this. I have experienced so many wireless headphones. This is the only one with a storage bag that really prevents the wear of the headphone charging box.

The following is to wear the figure, it is ok to wear the face value, the earphone is also the kind of versatile effect, there is no difference, you will also wear very good looks, the sound quality is beyond my expectations, no Like more than 100 headphones, while standby time is super strong;

At the same time praise its anti-jamming ability, this headset should be the same solution as the headset released by redmi, including the sound of the boot connection is the same, anti-interference can be more smooth in the very complex wifi environment Listen to music, call, and cost-effective.

The following is the evaluation of this HAYLOU GT1 true wireless headset, although it is very convenient to wear, in the paired mobile phone Bluetooth quickly, support single ear, binaural mode, Bluetooth 5.0 bless, counted on the mainstream configuration.

The so-called 200-dollar headphones listen to the sound, the sound quality of the headphones is not much different, the effect can be used, the cost is still relatively high, buy a daily commute is still very good.

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