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The main movement of young users, 1MORE iBFree Plus Bluetooth headset review

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The rapid spread of smart phones has led to the rapid development of many smart peripheral products; among them, “headphones” has become the exclusive configuration of a smart phone. I remember that when the smart phone or Nokia was in the world, I would give a headset when I bought the mobile phone. Of course, it was only used as a call at first. Later, it was a good prospect as a music headset, but in the end, because the quality of the earphones was too general, many manufacturers now do not distribute headphones. The reason is very simple. It is better to have this money directly. To the consumer, but also to save the consumer holding a bad headset is not good for what to do. So isn’t the consumer needing headphones? Not so, people’s demand for headphones is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more personalized. Using your favorite headphones to match mobile phones is the most popular thing in recent years. Especially the Bluetooth headset.

1MORE, I believe that everyone is no stranger, affiliated to Wanmo Acoustics, the famous piston headset is developed and designed by Wanmo Acoustics team, and the sales of over 40 million grades have made 1MORE quickly popular. Today brought to you is a network red Bluetooth headset 1MORE iBFree upgrade iBFree Plus.

Compared with wired headsets, Bluetooth headsets are more convenient and continually worrying. They have become the favorite of a new generation of people who don’t care about the objects around them. I have used many wired headsets personally, and I usually have connections in 3 months. The problem of poor contact, a headphone has a sound, no sound, very annoyed, so the Bluetooth headset has become the target of recent selection, after all, sometimes the convenience is greater than the high requirements for sound quality.

iBFree Plus is a wireless sports Bluetooth headset made by Wanmo. It has a stylish appearance, simple design, and has four colors of red, black, green and blue (the black version obtained this time), which is more pleasing to young people. design. The packaging aspect is also not low-key but elegant.

Faded to pack, you can see iBFree Plus in addition to the main body of the headset, there are several sets of earmuffs of different sizes, as well as 1MORE personalized stickers and data cable charging cable.

Coupled with the pair of headphones, covering large, medium and small, to meet the needs of different groups of people, soft plastic material, more skin-friendly, non-slip and sweat-resistant degrees are good, horn earmuffs enhance the wearing stability.

The overall design of iBFree Plus tends to build a simple style, and the design style is also relatively “1MORE”. It is also a bit of the feeling of a smashed piston earphone. The low-key introversion is also a personality.

1MORE iBFree Plus Bluetooth headset uses IPX6 waterproof treatment, it is not for you to take a swim, but to tell you that there is sweat and other interference during the exercise, it will not cause damage to the inside of the headset.

In the control section, the 1MORE iBFree Plus Bluetooth headset is designed with the switch on the top and is divided by a round metal ash. The next three buttons are on the left. The left side is the power connector, and the intimate one is equipped with a dustproof and waterproof cover.

The inside of the 1MORE iBFree Plus Bluetooth headset is also worth knowing. It uses a self-planned Bluetooth chip, a stereo solution with AAC codec technology, 90 days of standby time, can talk for about 10 hours, play music for about 8 hours; Sound quality has a relative guarantee.

In terms of wearing, the weight of 14 grams can be said to be quite lightweight, and the ear cover that fits the contour of the ear can make the user not fall easily when the user is in motion, and the sound insulation effect is better. With the help of the Wan Mo assistant, I started to talk about listening.

I believe that it is necessary to say that the Bluetooth headset has a loss of sound quality due to wireless transmission, etc., so compared with the cable, the Bluetooth headset has a part of the details of the music listening, which is inevitable. A $85.00 product, I am looking forward to meeting all aspects of performance is not too bad to meet. 1MORE iBFree Plus Bluetooth headset has nothing to worry about when it comes to comfort. Good comfort and comfort create a good environment for music appreciation. Support of AAC codec technology, iBFree’s Bluetooth connection stability is still very good, and also supports mainstream Bluetooth protocols such as HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP; 1MORE iBFree Plus Bluetooth headset gives me the feeling that the sound is pure, in motion Under the sound, the sound will not fluctuate greatly; the low frequency performance is not the strength of the Bluetooth headset, but iBFree Plus can still perform well, slightly lacking a sense of shock. The IF is not too prominent, the sound details are not bad, there is a certain sense of space, but the sound is thin. Personally think that the medium and high frequency part is the strength of this product. Have good details, good penetrating power and not harsh; more suitable for some popular classical music; as a cost-effective Bluetooth headset, I can say that I feel acceptable.

Since its establishment in 13 years, Wanmo Acoustics has not been an old company, but it does not lose its traditional enterprise in innovation. As a headset manufacturer who understands the needs of the Chinese people, design and development will give unexpected surprises, and the price of 85.00 USD will be priced. iBFree Plus gives the quality of 500+, longer battery life and more comfortable wearing experience, as well as the product of music listening, and most importantly, suitable for sports outdoor wear, which will be the comprehensive strength of iBFree Plus. It has been upgraded to a higher level. For netizens who need “wireless” constraints, there are not many products that can take care of so many points. iBFree Plus is such a worthy product.

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