UiiSii Hi-805 Earphones

Who used UiiSii HI-805 headphones?

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1, the appearance is super! ! ! The sound quality is also very good, the absolute value is excellent, but the ear is small and easy to fall. The head is a bit big.

2, I like it very much. This sound effect is very layered. It is very comfortable to listen to and looks like Chinese weathering. Simple and low-key. It is very suitable for boys. Recommend your choice of value.

3, the appearance is very amazing, not bad, I do not know if the paint will be very serious, the sound quality is OK, the current downtime, use a period of time to comment!

4, just arrived, can’t wait to try it! It’s just that. . . . . Great, great, great! ! ! ! The important thing is said three times! ! ! ! I like it very much, the value of the face is high, the sound quality is good, this one hundred flowers is too valuable! Hahahaha! ! !

5, just brought it, listened to a 3D surround music, feeling exploded! ! ! Very good, very good, very good, important things to say three times! ! ! (?ε` )?

6, the UiiSii Hi-805 headphones are very beautiful, the sound quality is also very good, very good to take K songs, especially like this face, feels very texture, the quality of the headphone cable is also very good, giving the impression is tall

7, very good is a bit expensive. . . . . . . . . . .

8, I am so amazed that the sound quality is perfect, for my voice quality, this headset is really good, but the quality depends on how long it has been used, the sound quality is very good in the bass control, but the special stick, overall It’s awesome, this price sound is really good.

9, logistics is very fast, after receiving it, I like to hurry and try it. I feel that the sound quality and the last time I bought the subwoofer is not particularly obvious. The key is to find the volume of the earphone. The oppo phone can’t use the decrement button. I hope that the store will be reminded in the future, very disappointed, is it because the headset is changing the phone!

10, I like headphones very much. After taking the whole world, it is music. Xiaoji is also very patient.

11, just received the express quickly, just shipped, the service is good

12, the color is very much like it! Surround sound is also great! I like it very much! Next time, buy a pair of dear! ?

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